Friday, November 7, 2014

Do you want to be a model in a cosmetics ad?

For its all digital launch, Slate Cosmetics is using technology from Modiface that allows users to upload photos of themselves and sample cosmetics virtually.   As marketing director Gentry Ford points out, users won't have to worry about having to try out make-up that has been used by countless other people.  Yuk.

Users are asked to register with Modiface when they upload their photo.  And if they don't remove their cookies they could end up seeing themselves in ads on other sites.  Hmm.  (Neff, 2014)

Here's a link to Modiface's website -

So, what do you think?  Will a chance at 15 minutes of fame persuade you to buy Slate Cosmetics?  Or will you just play with the app and call it a day?

Neff, J. (2014, November 5)  Coming next: Cosmetics Ads Featuring You As the Model.  Retrieved November 6, 2014, from


  1. In my opinion the Modiface program is fun and could help current users or potential customers of Slate Cosmetic to try products and see which ones fit them well before buying, also could be very helpfully if you don’t have time and you buy the products online.

    Even thou I don’t think the majority of the customer using this app will agree to upload the photos mainly because of security purposes.

    So I think this app will be use just as personal resource to taste the products.

    Ana Paola

  2. I think it's a good strategy. It is unpleasant thinking about using cosmetics after another person. And the app allows one to take more time to experiment. If I liked the difference, I might be inclined to buy the product. But true, it would be tempting to 'play.'

  3. I think people will like the idea of a virtual preview of how they will look with the makeup before actually trying it on themselves. It is definitely convenient. I can see younger women, who are more conscious of their skin and the bad effects of makeup, experimenting with different looks before buying.

    The public sharing of the pictures will probably appeal to younger girls, and not so much to the women in their late 20s and above. Privacy issues will be a deterrent for them.

    Personally, I would like to try their virtual makeup and see how certain kinds of make-ups looks on me. But if there is even a chance of my picture being shared publicly. I will not try it.

  4. I really like the idea. I think that nowadays, living in the world where selfies culture and narcism can be found at every corner of the street, this campaign can be really successful.
    Especially because it's focused on digital strategy, so it's reaching the target who is constantly uploading photos, editing images and sharing their private content. I also like the idea of interactive audience engagement, where they can play with their image by using cosmetics. I believe that it will definitely raise brand's awareness and will make people want to try the cosmetics by buying them.

    Malgorzata Marciniak

  5. In my opinion this is a fun and persuasive strategy for their potential consumers because it encourages them to try this products. I think these potential consumers, as including myself, will enjoy this way of trying out their product.
    The security is an issue to everybody but nowadays we are exposed to many situations like this and we just have to be careful.
    This campaign can be very successful and could engage consumers to the brand.

    Gabriella Rodriguez

  6. I think this is a wonderful idea. All the woman i know, including myself, are disgusted because of the idea of trying on or using something a stranger has already tried. You never know where they have been or they cleaning habits. So having the opportunity of avoiding this uncomfortable situation i believe is a great business idea. Additionally, i think that it solves the prelims of time scarcity for this type of shopping.

    But the aspect that there is the possibility that my picture can be uploaded anywhere is a negative point for me. I went to the link professor posted in the blog, and i did not see any warnings that this could happen. If this ever occur to me, my first reaction would be to sue them. But probably the company will answer with the issue of the cookie. I believe this is unfair and not loyal action towards the market. So for legal terms nothing may happen, but regarding clients and potential clients perceptions and possibility of becoming heart min of top of mind will be extremely difficult.

    I will do two things. Or show and explain better and easier the possibility of the pictures being used for advertising. Or targeting the app to young girls *15 - 25 years old.

    Natalia Ramirez

  7. I think that using Modiface to try different looks is a great idea. However, this will not persuade me to buy their cosmetics because I would like to try them on my skin and see if the colors are really as the app shows. So, I believe that this strategy is a great starting point to call customers’ attention and brand awareness. Also, it is good call to action to go visit their store.

    In my case, whenever I go shopping cosmetics I end up buying more because I try different options and looks. This strategy will save me time and some money because I will visit the stores only to buy the look I tried on the app.

  8. I agree with many of the comments made already. As a cool digital marketing promotion I like it. Digital is fun, as are apps. I can definitely see how this will appeal to a young female customer. I am slightly creeped out however by the idea of having my image start being embedded in the web/ following me around in ads? Not to mention the somewhat plastic look of photo shopped faces shown as example images on the site. I would also comment that no matter how photo realistic the technology, this is not quite the same as actually trying out the makeup on your face. I think the comments about sanitary issues are kind of silly. Not arguing that its not an issue I think about, but I still can't see this virtual makeup application truly substituting itself for the real life testing of products. Still, people love to be stars and share their image. The idea of appearing in an ad/ my image being out there in cyber space probably does appeal to many young doesn't to me. I think this app would be fun to play with however and by virtue of that alone I'm sure many people will try it out and may indeed be motivated to make purchases. I am not a heavy makeup wearer, but I might try out some more risky colors on a virtual image of myself. In the end though I would still head into a store to try out new makeup in person before purchasing.


  9. I wouldn't bother trying to be a face model for cosmetics, specially because it's so personal and I value my privacy (and I don't want my face to be anywhere I'm not aware).

    On the other hand, I would appreciate seen real people before and after because photoshop is making me a less believer of what companies (specially in the cosmetic sector) manipulate to create unrealistic standarts.

    The youngster haven't realized what privacy means and what it could affect their future (personally and professionally speaking). I read once that some people are in favor of a 'delete your past' button due to unthinkable consequences of the public & broad communication we face nowadays.