Friday, July 31, 2015

Hopefully 18-24 year old males will get it.

The condom market is crowded with marketers each of whom have carved out a unique niche.  Here's a blog I wrote about it in 2012.

So how can Okamoto breakthrough with its message about their Zero Zero Four condom line which proclaims to be one of the thinnest at 0.04 mm? (Faw, 2015)

How about over-the top risqué ads?  The campaign's premise is that the condom provides so much sensation that it won't help endurance.  That sounds like an idea the target might embrace.  But is the creative communicating it clearly?  You tell me...

An interesting side note -- to save money the spots were created using inexpensive stock photos from Getty Images and iStock.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Will you buy more from Kohl's because they are participating in bike-helmet fittings?

Retailers are gearing up for the fall rush by embracing cause-related efforts. 

For its eighth annual National Suit Drive, Men's Warehouse is adding social media and support from NBA coaches as they hope to pass the one million mark.  (Current total: 850,000+)  Donators get 50% off their next purchase.

Buy a $5 fashion pass at Macy's and get 15% - 20% savings storewide.  Proceeds will go to one of four charities.  

And Kohl's has chosen to support children's health and will offer car-safety inspections and dental health giveaways in addition to the bike-helmet fittings. (Mahoney, 2015)

Given that a 2014 study from AOL indicated that 54% of Millennial women switched brands because it supported a cause they care about, this idea seems to make sense. (Coffee, 2015)

But is it true?  Have you made any purchases or switched brands due to cause marketing?  Do you know anyone else who has?  Or is the more motivating factor the discounts being offered as part of the programs?

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Reyka Vodka has decided to target bartenders -- smart move or not?

Earlier in the semester we looked at the campaign developed by Casamigos Tequila, George Cooney's brand, and declared it to be inadequate.

Last semester, Johnnie Walker Scotch got much more support with its content-driven "smart bottle," which stirred up a surprising amount of interest.

But both those campaigns focused on the end consumer.  Reyka Vodka has decided to take a different approach and focus on professionals.  (Faw, 2015)

They are running a 24 hour cocktail competition, in the UK, for 96 bartenders.  Winner gets a trip to Iceland for the "midnight sun" music and dance festival. (2015)

They are also creating "tricks of the trade" videos featuring bartenders showing off eye-popping bar tricks.   Can invitation-only screenings of Cocktail be far behind?

And while they may be taking aim at professionals, they are of course hoping that the rest of us take note as well.

So, what do you think?  Is this a good approach?  Will it sell Reyka Vodka?

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