Friday, May 29, 2015

There are still two more days to see the latest in OOH advertising.

To promote their upcoming Marilyn Monroe television special Lifetime has broken new ground in OOH advertising.  Partnering with the NYC subway system they have placed audio-activated :15 second videos of a Marilyn lookalike in eight stations.  The videos are triggered by either trains or those walking by depending upon location. (Faw, 2015)

Here's a peak, but you can still catch the real thing until the 31st when the special wraps. 

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Apparently a princess can sell pantyhose.

Back in 2011, when Princess Kate arrived on the scene, 15 years of pantyhose sales declines came to an end, and Hanesbrands decided to revive advertising support of their L'eggs brand after an extended hiatus. (Copeland, 2011)

While I can't find any specifics about how L'eggs are doing, Thursday's Wall Street Journal headline -- Could Mom Jeans Be Next?  Pantyhose Are Back, for Real, suggests that yes indeed nude pantyhose are making a comeback.  Donna Karan's "The Nudes" line is the brand's fastest growing and represents about half of their hose business.  And, Bloomingdales chimed in as well to say that nude sheers are having particularly strong sales this year. (Binkley, 2015).

Before we give Kate all the credit it should be noted that other celebrities including Kate Perry, Ariana Grande and AnnaSophia Robb also favor the look, proving again just how powerful a force celebrities have become when it comes to marketing fashion to Millennials.

Here's a link to the previous blog...

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Friday, May 15, 2015

If you can't find a Coke with your name on it, will you buy Lay's Chips with your photo instead?

Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke" campaign -- the one where they printed people's names on the cans, was such a huge international hit (and the first time in years that they have seen a sales increase) that it has been expanded this year. 

In addition to adding new names such as Desi, Sheena and Destiny, they are also offering nicknames such as "Sidekick" and generic words such as "Team." And for those of us with unusual names -- the chance to order custom bottles for the bargain price of $5 plus $5 for shipping. (Rooney, 2015)

Oh, and they didn't forget blind people either.  Yes, some names are available printed in braille.  (Nudd, 2015)

So along comes Lay's Chips to up the ante.  Thanks to an interactive tool called the "Lay's Summer Bag Creator," 10,000 chip lovers will receive an actual bag of  chips with their personalized photo and caption.   (Rooney, 2015)

What do you think?  Will Coke be able to build on last year's success?  Will chips with photos be just as popular?

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Can Ellen turn things around for GapKids?

The Gap has been struggling for several years now to find its place in the world of retailing.  (Sales were down 7% last quarter.) 

Now they have announced that this year's back-to-school effort for girls will feature a new collection from Ellen DeGeneres.  The  line labeled GapKids x ED, ties into Ellen's lifestyle brand ED, which includes women's clothes, accessories and home decor.

What do you think?  Will this bring back women who have left the brand due to its style missteps?

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