Friday, July 21, 2017

If you ask me, WWE Barbie dolls could be a big hit.

Technically they aren't Barbie dolls.  They are WWE Superstars.  But they look an awful lot like Barbie dolls.

According to Indeed Wrestling, 11 million people watch WWE weekly.  And, while male viewers are declining, female viewers are increasing and now represent ~ 38% of the audience.  They are also buying more merchandise, hence the decision to create a new line of dolls for them. (Harrington, 2017)

Oh, and then Mattel was smart enough to introduce the new product line at San Diego's Comic-Con on Thursday.  Awesome.  (Gazdik, 2017)

Last April when Mattel tried advertising Barbie to Dads I offered up the opinion that they were heading in the wrong direction because they were ignoring their primary buyer.  You can read what I wrote here...

This time, I think they got it right.  The dolls go on sale in September, so we shall see.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Hey AOL - making your service worse is not a good strategy.

I'm not quite sure when my AOL desktop started acting up.  It wouldn't load my email newsletters properly and constantly crashed; while they kept sending me sketchy looking messages asking me if I wanted their help to fix the problem.  Hmm.

Then last month they sent me an email telling me that I would now have to pay for the service.  Why would I want to do that when it's so terrible? 

They were a bit cagey about telling me that they are charging $3.99 a month, because they want to rope me in to a 30 day free trial and then hope that I will forget to opt out.  That could be a good strategy.  (Cracklingice, 2017)

But the online reviews of the new AOL Gold are pretty awful, just like my most recent experiences.  Wouldn't it have been smarter for them to improve the user experience before they tried to get people to pay for it? 

Just asking.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Will state names work as well for Budweiser as people's names do for Coke?

I saw a commercial the other day for this summer's "Share a Coke" promotion featuring people's names on bottles and cans.  The successful promotion, now in its fourth year has been expanded to include some popular last names and larger sizes, in the hopes of capturing the family vacation crowd.  Interesting idea. (Lukovitz, 2017)

Meanwhile, this week Budweiser unveiled 11 different cans and bottles with names of the states where they have breweries.  It's part of their "Proudly Brewed Across America" campaign, which is now in its second year.  Country music star Thomas Rhett is featured in the effort, as is user-generated content.  (Lukovitz, 2017)
It will be interesting to see if creating limited editions will continue to be a successful strategy for these brands.  Since the custom names give people the opportunity to form tribes and bond with each other.  I'm betting they will.

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Friday, June 30, 2017

The “Weinermobile” stops on 5th Avenue for a close-up.

I was walking down the street in Manhattan the other day when I spotted the Weinermobile and some companion vehicles.  

It just so happened that I had my camera with me, so I decided to take a few shots and post them on my Instagram feed.  

It was exactly the reaction they were hoping for no doubt.  While I was shooting a helpful young “Hot Dogger” approached me and asked if I would like to be in the shot.  I declined.  But others were taking lots of selfies.

Social media has had a huge effect on event marketing and undoubtedly magnified its effect.  The Weinermobile has 16.5K followers on Twitter and 7176 tweets.  Pretty sweet for a hot dog.