Friday, November 21, 2014

Apparently Matthew McConaughey is that hot!

Of course I did watch the Colbert Report last night, where Stephen offered up his opinion that Matthew should have been named People magazine's sexiest man alive this year.

But, I'm really referring to the fact that Lincoln sales have taken off since the campaign began -- increasing by a whopping 25%, for their best October in 7 years.  Wow.  And, according to the dealers when people come into the franchise they talk about Matthew more than the car!  (Clothier, Naughton, O'Leary, 2014)

Of course the variety of funny parodies of the spots didn't hurt, particularly with the target audience.  But I think the lesson here is that the younger your target is, the more likely they are to be influenced by celebrities. 

Here's a link to the first blog I wrote...

And one about the Subaru ad, which was more appealing to this Baby Boomer...

Clothier, M., Naughton, K., O'Leary, M. (2014, November 4)  Lincoln Rides McConaughey Spoof to Best October in 7 Years.  Retrieved November 4, 2014, from

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