Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Is it a smart strategy for Walmart to support two brands?

Last year Walmart bought  Did you know that?

It's now apparent that they have decided to support both brands.  As the company has explained, is an urban Millennial brand and Walmart has not made any inroads with that target on their own. (Green, 2017)

While Walmart is experimenting with online ordering and customer pick-ups, is chasing wealthier shoppers and launching a private label brand called Uniquely J.  (Corkery, 2017)

It sounds interesting.  But I am reminded of a Director of Marketing at Uncle Ben's who told me that long term she couldn't afford to support multiple brands so they would all need to live under the corporate umbrella.

So what are the pros and cons of having two different brands?  If Millennials don't like your brand, should you buy one that they do like?  Can you reach out to different targets without appearing inauthentic?   

Would you use if you knew they were owned by Walmart?  Do you think the different brands appeal to different personality types?  Different business styles?

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What types of people will be persuaded by Crate & Barrel's new campaign?

Crate & Barrel has hired Reese Witherspoon to be their first brand ambassador.  The partnership includes selling a selection of products from Reese's line - Draper James -- at Crate & Barrel.  And in 2018, the two will co-design a line.

But first up is the holiday season.  Here is the commercial...

So, what do you think?  What target market will be attracted to this communication?  What personality types?  People styles?  And most importantly why?  Also what techniques is Crate & Barrel using to connect with their target?

Oh, and do you think it will work?

Stein, M. (2017, October 11)  Reese Witherspoon Spoofs Her Entertaining Skills and Reveals a Collab That Will Make Shopping Her Line Easier.  Retrieved October 11, 2017, from

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Who will respond to NASA's Instagram campaign?

Yesterday was National Techies Day.  The reason I know that is because NASA told me. 

I am one of the 37.7 million people who follow NASA on Instagram.  Typically they post one or two beautiful photos from space per day.  They also include a short paragraph about the pic, which fulfills my need for more information.

But apparently they viewed yesterday as a recruitment opportunity, so they took a different approach.  Here are their posts in the order that they appeared.

Clearly they are targeting the techie sub-culture.  So what do you think?   

What messages have they shared?  Which core values will these messages appeal to?  What about motivations?  Do these posts tap into some of the findings from the happiness studies?  Which ones?  How? 

What about Cialdini?  Which principles of persuasion do you see at work here?  Finally, will this campaign be a successful recruitment tool for NASA?  Why or why not?