Friday, August 18, 2017

Home Depot sent me the wrong item.

This is what I ordered...

This is what I got...  
Since the order numbers matched, someone presumably didn't notice that the photo on the box was different from the actual item.  Since the latter was clearly visible it shouldn't have been a problem for them. 

But now it's a problem for me.  I had to waste an hour of my valuable time returning the item.  As far as I am concerned Home Depot owes me $100.

When they asked me to review my purchase I posted the same photos and story that I posted here.  I guess I'm not surprised that they emailed me the next day to tell me that my comment had been rejected. 

But it does make me wonder if they reject all negative comments.  And if others online do the same thing.  It's an important issue since research shows that consumers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with "excellent" reviews; and 86% will hesitate to purchase from a business that has negative online reviews. (Rudolph, 2015)

I've noticed that Yelp posts some negative reviews under a sub-heading labeled "not recommended."  At least they aren't suppressing them.  But then again they aren't trying to sell me anything. 

Buyer beware.

Rudolph, S. (2015, July 25)  The Impact of Online Reviews on Customers' Buying Decisions.  Retrieved August 17, 2017, from

Friday, August 11, 2017

Bud Light exchanges fun for ingredients. Good luck!

A few years ago I read that someone in marketing at Bud Light said: "Beer drinking is fun, so we think our ads should be fun."  That works for me.

But I guess he has moved on, because Bud Light has just launched a new campaign focused on their ingredients.  One of the commercials positions the brand as an alternative to craft beers, which is an interesting idea.  But it's still all about the ingredients.

You can look at the ads here...

Last fall, Taster's Choice launched a new campaign with a similar ingredients focus.  My students weren't impressed by it.  You can check out their comments here...

Unfortunately the commercial is no longer available. I'm sure it's no coincidence.

Brown, L. (2017, August 10)  Bud Light's new Ads Seek To Turn Around 'Underdog' Image.   Retrieved August 10, 207, from