Friday, May 1, 2015

Will Dick's new campaign sell workout gear to couch potato women?

After acknowledging that women now account for 50% of sales, Dick's Sporting Goods thought that they should do actually do something about it.  In addition to expanding floor space devoted to women, they have created a new niche campaign targeting them.

The campaign insight?  "Women juggle a lot."

The :60 second commercial focuses on women finding ways to fit exercise into their busy lives, but we know that the vast majority of people buying athletic wear do not exercise.  So will this approach work?

Look at the commercial here...

And discuss.

McCarthy, M. (2015, April 30)  Ad of the Day: Dick's Sporting Goods Goes the Extra Mile in Its First Campaign for Women.  Retrieved April 30, 2015, from


  1. Personally, I feel that this commercial will definitely work. It's the perfect depiction of the target they are going after and has a very inviting headline. The commercial is somewhat challenging the viewer to go out there and start a fitness program. The one aspect that strikes me as odd, though, is that the article stated that Dick's is planning on running the advertisement on ESPN. This seems like a waste of resources since ESPN is 94% male, and does not reach out to the target they are going after.

    Andrew Lam

  2. This is an interesting campaign for Dicks. I think they were surely smart to focus on women, however, the execution of the campaign in terms of its creative direction did not work for me. The overall aesthetic was very dark, almost sad feeling and did not make me want to work out. I think other women’s focused campaigns that feature bright clothes, beautiful girls with a catchy song are much more successful. This is especially true with Ellie Goulding’s Nike partnership. I think the scenarios used in this ad are very extreme, ie. Mom jogging to work to pick up her kids is a bit overboard. Good target, poor execution.