Thursday, November 10, 2011

Can pantyhose make a comeback with this ad?


After 15 years of declining sales (and no television advertising support), pantyhose sales have stabilized.  So Hanesbrands, maker of L’eggs has decided the time is right to introduce the product to a new audience.  (Copeland, 2011)
This tv commercial first ran in the spring and is now scheduled for a more robust airing this fall.  Take a look and see if you think this will convince a new generation of women to buy pantyhose.

Copeland, L. (2011, November 8)  The End of Pantyhose?  Retrieved November 9, 2011, from


  1. I think this is a very effective ad. Young prof women who were staying away from pantyhose might make the switch. I'm obviously not the intended target, but the brand is well known and I don't see anything wrong with the campaign.


  2. I agree with Josh, for me the word pantyhose just make me think of my grandmother, but this add defiently change my mind I think the add its hip fun and simple nothing like my grandmother....and it gives the brand a youthfull look.

  3. I had no opinion on the subject of pantyhose, so I requested my girlfriend’s assistance. Something I found to be interesting was that she was turned off by the word “pantyhose”. Prior to showing her the ad, she said, “I hate pantyhose”. After seeing the ad, however, she said, “I would wear those”. I think the use of the word “pantyhose” conjures up thoughts of the 1950s, the Mad Men era and the archetypal American housewife. I think the ad made the product seem more modern. This appeals to women such as my girlfriend. Also, notice that they never used the word “pantyhose”. All in all, I feel like this is a good ad.

  4. I also agree with josh, this is a very effective ad. To me this ad is fun, colorful and youthful. This ad also expresses L'egg as a pantyhose for woman who are always on the move, which fits perfect with today's fast pace society. This ad also made me want to purchase the pantyhose because it appears to fit nicely. Finally, this is a good ad and it should continue to assist the company with its sales.

  5. I had never heard about Pantyhouse so I had no prejudice or thoughts regarding the brand being old or not. I just discovered it by the comments after viewing the commercial.

    I liked a lot the commercial and the product they were selling. It talked to me and would make me buy it. The commercial translates the youth the brand wants to capture with a new audience and reflects the behavior of this new women.

  6. As someone who has only purchased pantyhose for those plastic eggs for a crafts project (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), it is difficult for me to have a very intelligent point of view, but it does appear that this is a case of wondering if the former “pantyhose” product demand has moved more into the “tights” type products. Various Google searches around pantyhose (that don’t lead to not-safe-for-work sites), tend to revolve around the fact that pantyhose runs a great deal, or that they aren’t necessary with the new work wardrobes worn by women. In fact, The Hosiery Association (a 106 year old organization representing the manufacturers of hosiery) has a question on their FAQ page called “Why can’t the hosiery industry produce run-resistant pantyhose?” (

    Ultimately, though, this ad should pass the “Does it make you want to buy something?” test, and perhaps create more demand around pantyhose in general. Reports on the market share of the pantyhose industry seem difficult to track down, but it seems that L’Eggs had over 50% market share in 2003 (, so any increased demand in the market should help them. I do worry, though, that fashion and product reasons just mean long-term bad news for the folks at L’Eggs.

  7. I thought the ad was eye-catching and had a very modern cool feel to it. L’eggs really shows off the fun/party side of their product while making the woman seem professional throughout the commercial. I personally don’t think they were directing the ad towards me but I felt that the music and the bright colors were definitely directed at women my age or younger. I thought Rob’s comment about pantyhose being old fashioned was very interesting and if that is the case then I think L’eggs made a good ad to entice new shoppers. I hope it works for them.

  8. Despite the decline in women wearing pantyhose, this commercial seems like a fresh new take on something very traditional. I like the up beat vibe of the advertisement and it gives a couple good reasons to believe. The song is also fun and catchy and was the initial thing that caught my attention. I also believe that their unique name will stand out in consumers mind when going to purchase this product. Overall, I think this add will help to successfully garner a new generation of young women who are willing to wear or at least try pantyhose.

  9. I have a different opinion. It looked a little bit old fashioned. I agree that this ad targeted present consumers and tried to communicate with them. However, they still didn't take off their old grandma image in visual wise. New generation women are used to high-tech graphics and modern taste. Even if it is just a pantyhose, it needs to make women consumers feel more fashionable and modern. And it also should be reflected on the ads. Therefore, I think they could improve their ad more brilliant and fashionable to appeal to modern girls.

  10. Ely Giat-Cohen
    In my opinion I thought it was an ad that calls attention especially music was released in 2006 which are teenagers interpret the song contains a bit of techno, and I think this led to the girls of today who want to look good relying on the comfort and the attitude of being in constant motion wearing Leggs, the message is explicit and understandable ,I think it is a refurbished product, yet fashionable, I think this may return to be successful.

  11. I really really hate the word pantyhose, it seems so old-fasioned, but this ad seems like a fresh new take on something very traditional that has been there for women since forever. I like that they use a fun colorful graphics and a fun song, they also give a couple reasons to believe which are very well communicated. I think the ad is well done. It definitely makes me think pantyhose are "in" as they are.

  12. Eugenia Diez TargiseNovember 15, 2011 at 4:53 PM

    I have never heard about Pantyhouse. I found the ad very modern, engaging and dinamic.
    I would definitely wear panty house after watching this ad. I really liked the music and is to be remembered.

  13. I like the commercial. I think it is original and creative .
    What attracted me the most was the music of the background – at the beginning it cost me to identify which was the product. The good news is that today I got to know a new brand of pantyhose – I will try it next time I buy pantyhose.

    I have no memory of having seen commercials on TV about pantyhose; only on magazines.

    In Argentina there are two pantyhose brands that are well known, and both of them advertise in magazines.

  14. As long as they keep the word pantyhose out of the equation this should be successful. This generation wears tights and leggings. The technology of the nylon is such that it is more flattering that the old pantyhose. If you notice the advertisement did not use the word pantyhose once. I think L'Eggs needs to try harder to reposition itself.

    Susan D

  15. I agree that the term "pantyhose" is dated and does not have any appeal to the younger generation. Leggings and tights are popular with fashionistas so Leggs would do well by an association with this segment of the pantyhose market. Otherwise, the commercial is catchy and effective.

    I believe the resurgence of standard pantyhose is due, in large part, to the popularity and fascination with Princess Katherine. Her stylish, yet conservative looks often incluse skin colored pantyhose since bare leggs are not completely appropriate for a Princess. Since all of her fashions are closely followed and imitated, pantyhose will enjoy a comeback as well.


  16. Yes, a new generation will buy! The commerical is trendy, and convincing L'eggs pantyhoes accentuates, flatters, and smoothes fatty body areas. Today, all women 35-50 are self-conscious about accessive body fat, especially belly fat, and cellulite. A change in the brands advertised commericals, may convince women to give it a try. For years, L'eggs can be found in pharmacies, local convient stores. Maybe it's time expand the brand to dept stores? Only in case of an emergency, I purchase L'eggs.


  17. The song in the ad resembles the "I'm to sexy for my shirt, etc" song, and the "I'm so lucky" being repeated over, and over may strike a cord with an audience. I feel that a good, or even annoying jingle can fill the void in a lack luster advertisement. It was not a success in our house.

    As far as the product itself is concerned, I have limited experience with pantyhose and only purchased one pair of pantyhose with strict instructions for color, brand, etc. Unfortunately, I can't remember ever seeing the L'eggs brand ever in our household, and rarely do I ever pay attention to it.

    Ben K.

  18. First off, I know NOTHING about pantyhose but the ad strikes me as being effective. I have mentioned this concept once before but I do believe that if there aren't any other competitors advertising and Leggs are advertising even without a strong strategy, the next time a women goes into the store to buy pantyhose, she will go with the brand name she has seen before.

    Also, I find the song very uplifting and youthful and the constant motion in the ad keeps a liveliness to it. It is trying to convey the message that women and girls will look better if they wear these pantyhose and I think that concept resinates to every woman.