Friday, September 26, 2014

Sorry Lincoln, I'm checking out the Subaru.

I live in Manhattan and haven't owned a car since I was a teen, so I usually don't notice car commercials.  But blogging about the new Lincoln campaign with Matthew McConaughey has caused me to tune in. 

While seeing that ad in situ hasn't made me any fonder of the campaign, I did see a local car ad for the Ford Fusion that mentioned some features that interested me.  And, it made me think that if I was in the market, I would probably follow-up, since I tend to be practical about these things.

Therefore it was a total surprise to me when I responded to an ad that was virtually fact free.  It's a new ad from Subaru featuring a flowerchild grandmom bonding with her granddaughter.   If you haven't seen it, you can check it out here.


Since I do take great delight in corrupting all my nieces and nephews -- much to their parents dismay -- it's easy to see why it touched me.  But the fact that it would actually move me to follow-up blows my mind. 

I've been reading for years that research shows that all purchase decisions are emotional.  And, I've been preaching to my students that marketing is all about finding those emotional hot buttons and pressing them.   So why am I surprised to find that I am not the exception to the rule?

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