Thursday, May 2, 2013

Will RadioShack’s partnership with Beats bring Gen Y into the store?

In an effort to connect with younger customers, RadioShack has announced a partnership with Beats.  The campaign includes tv commercials that play homage to Robin Thicke’s latest single “Blurred Lines.”  Here’s the link to the video, which has racked up over 8 million views since March.

And here’s the commercial:

Customers will be given access to an exclusive remix of the Thicke song with purchase.  Behind the scenes videos will be posted on Facebook, and a social media campaign will feature the chance to win tickets to a future show. (Baar, 2013)

So, what do you think?  Will it work?  Is music a good way to connect with this audience?

Baar, A. (2013, May 1)  RadioShack Aims Younger With Thicke, Beats.  Retrived May 1, 2013, from


  1. Wow, that was an interesting commercial. I don't think it will sell anything. I had to watch it three times to figure out what they were selling. I thought they were selling vibrators; it is way too provacative for Radio Shack. The ad insinuates that Gen Y only has one thing on their mind. The only memory sparked from this ad is about sex, not about Beats or Radio Shack. Thumbs down!

  2. This version of the commercial does have a blatant sexual tone. I think Gen Y will think its hysterical. While watching American Idol I saw the same product. It is a radio shaped like a talking pill telling Nicky M that her boyfriend was calling another girl while she was out of the room. Nicky immediately told him to get out. What does this have to do with RadioShack - nothing except its a cute radio. Music and Celebrities are great endorsements. After all when was the last time you saw someone with a radio? I'd love to see how the product does in sales.

    Susan DiBello

  3. I'm not sold. If the star were, say Justin Timberlake it may have a stronger appeal. JT has a much larger fan base and RadioShack has taken a beaten over the last decade. I'm not certain a B-artist is what they need to revise the brand. Beats as a premium headphones brand has been incredibly successful. They currently have 65% market share. I think the Beats Pill will do well but not because of Robin Thicke or RadioShack but because it's Beats. The video isn't so much about Robin Thicke anyways as much as its about the scantly dressed models dancing around. Again, I'm not sold.

  4. I remember some of Radio Shacks older commercials and this new spot is definitely a major departure from the company's earlier emphasis on quality customer service. It comes off as kind of a cheap pander to a younger audience and I have a feeling that most of Gen Y will see right through it. I do think that the beats device will be successful but I'm not sure that the campaign will do much for RadioShack itself.


    The 8 million views of Robin Thicke's video would suggest that he has a devoted fanbase but in my opinion he does come off

  5. I'm so glad I finally understand what this commercial sells. It definitely works for Robin Thicke but as far as the song does not give any associations with Radio Shake, I don't think they are being noticed in here. The only hope for luring in the store some perverts and customers who will looking for vibrators.