Friday, October 5, 2012

Will you fly Jet Blue because they support KaBoom?

Studies have shown that people are not only more likely to do business with companies that support charities they care about, but they may also be willing to pay a premium price for their services.  I remain skeptical.

Jet Blue has been sponsoring the “Swing for Good Golf Classic” since 2009 and the “Bid for Good” online auction since 2010.  This year, the recipient charities are KaBoom, a non-profit that envisions a place to play within walking distance for every child in the US, and PBS Kids, an educational brand for children.  They’re both terrific causes.

But, I don’t think Jet Blue’s support of them would impact my airline selection.  What about you?  Will you be more likely to fly Jet Blue because they support these causes?  Will you participate in the auction or golf tournament?

Irwin, T.  (2012, October 2).  JetBlue Continues Support of Charitable Partners.  Retrieved October 4, 2012, from


  1. Although the charity actions may not impact my airline selection, they certainly rase my awareness of the company. This way the next time I'm searching for cheap flights, I might go to JetBlue's web site first. In general, I think that with cheap flights the price is the number one value, not the company or its brand.


  2. I'm already a JetBlue customer, they are my preferred airline, so hearing that they support these causes does help increase the good image I have of them. However, regardless of the airline it does not influence my purchasing decision. Price and my personal experience are what determine which airline I fly. But if I heard negative comments/press about Jetblue or another airline that would have more of an impact on me.

    Jenn B

  3. I won't buy a ticket because the airline does charity, but I would buy a ticket if the airline has good prices. Although, the fact that the airline does charity, may change my way of think about that particularly airline, it won't make me buy a ticket if it's more expensive than the tickets offered by an other company.


  4. The only factors that come under consideration when I'm selecting an airline are price, service and personal experience. I would not feel compelled to spend money because of a company's charitable history. It only acts as an extra incentive if I've already decided to make a purchase.

    That being said, I recognize that stories such as this help to raise awareness and the profile of Jet Blue. So, it is still good for public relations.

  5. I definitely wont be more likely to fly Jet Blue because the main factor that affects my airline selection and my flight purchase decision is “price”, and also because I’m not that involved and barely know Jet Blue brand. Although I strongly believe that supporting Charity Causes is a great marketing strategy that gives any business more credibility. I also think that brands who have social responsibility programs are more emotionally involved with their community and/or target market, and people are more apt to trust and support them cause they feel these are part of their world.

    In my personal case, if two airlines had the same flight rates I would definitely go with the one who is supporting Charity Causes and trying to get involved with their community.