Friday, September 28, 2012

The launch of iPhone 5 made me want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S III. How about you?

While Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, who is usually my go to guy for electronics advice, found much to like about the new iPhone 5, it was Jessica Vascellaro’s article about features the iPhone 5 lacks that other smart phones already have that got my attention.  (Vascellaro, 2012)

Then I saw this ad, which Samsung cleverly ran during the week the iPhone 5 launched. 

Since people were camping out around Manhattan it struck a chord.  And interestingly, the ad snagged 13.2 million views online, making it number one for the week.  (Russell, 2012)

I’m not sure that I would ever use touch to share, but I did come away with the impression that Samsung was the superior phone. What about you?  Did you buy an iPhone last week?  Or did you check out the Samsung Galaxy instead?

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  1. I didn't get neither the Iphone 5 or check the new Samsung Galaxy, but clearly after watching the ad of Samsung Galaxy, I want one. For me, it's the "simplicity came true" and in my opinion is an effective ad. I don't know if the sells where improved, but now after watching the ad I want to go running to buy one!
    On the other hand, the targets could be easily distinguished in the scene that the parents of the man that has Samsung Galaxy appears. Samsung Galaxy is saying that Iphone 5 is for "boring people" and that their phone is for the ones that like to move on.


  2. I think this ad was executed very well by Samsung. It taps into the psychology of a potential buyer and raises a very important question. Does the iPhone ultimately satisfy the needs of the everyday consumer? Sure, the iPhone has a lot of interesting and innovative technology. However, is it something the average cell phone user needs/can easily understand how to use?

    Samsung has taken a very simple approach. It is conveying that although the Galaxy may not seem to be as technologically advanced as the iPhone, it has some cool, new features the iPhone doesn't. Not only that, but the Galaxy will perform consistently and give you what you desire from a cell phone now. As opposed to a series of slight improvements like Apple.

    All of this is accomplished by poking fun at the Apple sycophant community to wrap the advertisement up nicely.

  3. I was actually planning to get the new iPhone 5, as my current cell phone is quite old and doesn't have all the applications I would need. After watching the Samsung Galaxy ad I got interested in the Samsung phone instead ☺

    The ad itself was to my mind a textbook example of a well-targeted ad; 20 - 35 years old male and female cell phone owners, who want to have the best phone available. The ad made the Samsung phone appear cooler than iPhone 5 and did that nicely. A well done ad all in all!


  4. After i watched this ad. I really want to buy one. Thats time i was surfing on internet to find the information of Samsung galaxy S3. When this ad on air. I thought Samsung try to parody Iphone fans during Apple product lauch again.
    I must say this, Samsung's ironical Apple in this ad a lot. Ex. "The headphone jack is going to be on the bottom!!" , "All Im saying is that they should have a priority line for people who waited five time."
    This ad has sharply at the end. the young owner of Samsung galaxy S3 on the line to buy Iphone for someone. After that his mom and dad appears and walk to him and said thank you to him to on the line for them!!
    That's why This ad make me want to buy Samsung galaxy S3.


  5. Actually I have a plan to change my iphone4 to sumsung galaxy s III. I was thinking and compare,the iphone5 easy and familiar to use for me but all of my friends are talking about the galaxy s III.
    When I watched the ad, my brain said " I should get it " The ad made the galaxy s III is so cool and more interesting. So in my opinion, I would like to say " this is an ad that has an impact on my decision to buy it."

  6. I currently am an iPhone user, however the Samsung ad did make me think twice. I like the features they promoted and the clear, big display of their phone. However, I'm so familiar and comfortable with Apple products that I don't see myself switching to another phone, unless it really wows me. And I do plan on getting the iPhone 5. But I must say that was definitely a great ad by Samsung, no other phone has made me think twice about Apple. -Jennifer B

  7. In this moment I’m not interested in buying any of the two smart phones, because I just bought my Iphone 4S six months ago and I don’t believe that the cost-benefit is worth buying the new Iphone (that has almost the same technology), for the same reason I wouldn’t buy a Samsung Galaxy S III either. Independent from this, I think Samsung’s ad was REALLY good, way better than most Iphone 5 ads that I’ve seen lately. It was humoristic and the message was delivered successfully to the target market (at the right time and at the right place).
    I am still a big Apple fan and I believe in 6 months I am going to buy the new Iphone 5.
    But even though Apple is by far top of mind for most people (including me), they should definitely start to worry about competition and invest in creative and effective marketing too.