Friday, October 12, 2012

Do you “like” brands on Facebook? Why?

According to a new study by Lab42, 87% of Facebook users say that they “like” brands on Facebook.  Are you one of them?  What brands do you “like?”  Why?
The study says that most people who “like” a brand expect something in return such as promotions and discounts (34%) or free product (21%).  Is this what motivates you too?
But the study goes on to say that 46% of users who like a brand have no intention of buying it.  They either can’t afford it (46%) or want it for free (52%).  (Loechner, 2012)
So much for Sheryl Sandberg’s outrageous statement that “engagement always leads to revenue.”  (Dauble, 2012)
So where do you stand?  Are you one of the people who “like” brands but have no purchase intent?

Loechner, J. (2012, October 8)  Like It or Leave It.  Retrieved October 10, 2012, from



  1. I would say that I'm one of those rare consumers that "likes" a brand because I identify with it. I want that identity known. I try to keep my facebook from looking like an indy car, but there are flags I'll wave high and proud (Audi and Coca-Cola come to mind) If I "like" something, I'm definitely going to purchase, or already own it. I will say that "liking" most pages, especially those with any kind of creative behind the scenes content (hint: advertising; tv shows; movies) I' m rewarded at least weekly with some really cool "insder only" info. It makes you feel appreciated and not just like an anonymous fan. It's nice to "liked" back.


  2. I use Facebook to keep me updated on my favorite blogs and different kind of causes. I'm a bit cautious when it comes to liking certain brands in Facebook as I don't want to be advertising things to my Facebook friends through my liking. Similar to Josh, I like certain brands in Facebook if I really believe in the brands and would like to do the brand a favor when pushing the Like button. To my mind, liking a brand in Facebook has much do with building a favorable social media image to oneself.


  3. I don't feel a need to "like" brands on Facebook because my e-mail is already flooded with solicitations from companies that I shop with. I use the "like" option to find out performance dates for bands or comedians that I enjoy.

    The few brands I have been curious in receiving updates from I quickly "unliked" because I found they would clog my news-feed with information I simply wasn't interested in.

  4. I do "like" brands on Facebook either because it's a brand I have bought from or it's just a brand that I like. It's also a way of creating your FB image, as far as what you're interested in. I've also received emails from stores like Victoria's Secret or Steve Madden requesting me to "like" them on FB and in return I would get a coupon or a free item at their store. So it's both, sometimes I "like" just to like and sometimes I'll actually go to the store and make a purchase.

  5. To be honest I am also one of those people who follows and “likes” brands on Facebook and have no intention on buying anything, but a fact is that the brand is already in my head… I have to confess that I´ve known many brands on Facebook that I´ve never hear before and now I am a big fan of them.

    I believe that brand advertisement on Facebook is a very efficient and powerful tool for brand promotion and communication cause it generates brand awarness and its a great strategy to awake some kind of interest in a brand, and to make people start to know it. Plus it also works as a “pull” strategy that can route the people to the brands oficial network or store.

    I also believe it is a great strategy, because nowdays people spend more hours on their computer and in social networks. Still I definitely think this effort must be complemented with other promotion strategies such as as discounts and prizes to attract more peoples attention.