Thursday, August 9, 2012

And the gold medal goes to … Chobani.

According to Ace Metrix, the Chobani Olympics ad has earned the second highest Ace Scores in the competition.  Ace Scores which are based on user surveys, measure relevance, persuasion, “watchability”, information and attendance. (Lukovitz, 2012)

They go on to point out that like many of the other high scoring ads including those for GE and P&G, the commercial makes an emotional connection with its audience.  Given that they could have focused on the fact that they are currently the number one brand, kudos to them for resisting the urge, and remembering their audience. (Walsh, 2012)

I know the approach worked because after my husband watched the ad he announced that he liked Chobani better than Dannon because it wasn’t as sweet.  He then went out and bought several containers and declared red raspberry to be his new favorite.

Now that’s what I call a winning effort.

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