Thursday, August 30, 2012

Andy Warhol would have loved it.

Andy who is probably as famous for saying “In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” as he is for his pop art, would have loved this campaign. 

Campbell’s who at first was skeptical of the artist’s support, ultimately embraced him and sent him cases of tomato soup, commissioned paintings, and even established an art scholarship in his name.   Why not?  When he was asked why he chose to paint the soup can in 1962 he said that he had eaten the soup for lunch every day for the past 20 years; talk about a loyal user!

The promotion, which ties into the exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art includes four limited edition cans available exclusively at Target.  A “15 minutes of fame” app will enable users to turn photos into Warhol-inspired works of art, and the best ones will be featured on Campbell’s Facebook page. (Lukovitz, 2012)

I have to admit that I am tempted to track down the cans for display purposes.  And I will visit the Met exhibit, which they sponsored, during member previews.  But I don’t think that it will make me want to consume Campbell’s soup again.  The last time I tried – it was way too salty.  What do you think?  Does it make you want to buy something?
Lukovitz, K. (2012, August 29)  Campbell Cans Salute Warhol’s Iconic Soup Art.  Retrieved August 30, 2012, from

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