Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why in the world would anyone care how old Walgreens is?

Maybe I’m just bitter because after they bought my local Duane Reade chain they slashed the loyalty program and dropped many of my favorite name brands for generic products that don’t taste or work as well. 
But as a marketer, I just don’t understand why any company would tout the fact that they are 111 years old – especially a retailer.  Apparently it’s so they can brag about being the inventors of childproof caps and drive-through pharmacies.  And that’s supposed to make me want to shop there now?  Why? (Baar, 2012)

Personally I think their new smartphone app for prescription refills sounds interesting.  So, why not just talk about that instead of ancient history?

Baar, A.  (2012, August 11)  Walgreens Campaign Touts Its History Of Innovation. Retrieved August 15, 2012, from

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