Thursday, December 17, 2009

Have you looked at what’s in your cosmetics lately?


According to Mintel’s 2010 beauty forecast we can expect to see a surge in new products with a scientific twist and price tags to match. For a mere $248 you too can have immunosomes and perfluorodecalin in your skin cream. Or perhaps you’d rather mess with your hormones and use Linda Papadopoulos’s cream with serotonin and dopamine in it.

Given that the birth control patch has proven conclusively that transdermal transmission is highly effective, these products may not be as silly as they sound. In fact, they could be lethal. So, the logical question is are they being properly tested before they are marketed? It’s doubtful since they are not considered drugs and some aren’t even made in the U.S.

Buyer beware!

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