Thursday, October 8, 2009

Do Pistachio nuts make you feel sexy?


For its first broadcast effort, the pistachio industry has decided to go with kinky sex as a strategy. Yes, the $15 million campaign will include dominatrix, beauty queens, and Levi Johnston, soon to be seen in Playgirl, talking about “using protection”. (Horovitz, 2009)

Yikes. All I really need to know is if they are safe to eat now, and that they have taken steps to make sure the salmonella contamination never happens again.

What about you? Do you prefer whips and chains?

Here’s the youtube link so you can check it out.

Horovitz, B. (2009, October 4). Pistachio industry bets on ‘sex sells’ mentality with ads. Retrived October 7, 2009, from


  1. It could potentially be a successful campaign if the advertiser made the connection that pistachios may be an aphrodisiac - as they were so considered in ancient Rome and in parts of the Middle East. Otherwise, the correlation between sex and pistachios seems contrived and random.

  2. I think this campaign has the wrong focus and instead of appealing to the "sexy" side, it should concentrate in the "new" product characteristics(given that now it's safe to eat!).
    Joanna Bolona.

  3. I agree! I think they are really overlooking that one important announcement. By assuring safety, or at least introducing the fact that pistachios are healthy again, they can back their product. But I'm also actually kind of liking the humor and's new!

  4. To be honest, if you hadn't written the blog, I would not have even "gotten" the commercial because I had no idea who Levi Johnston was. They make some big assumptions but perhaps I am not their target market?