Friday, July 7, 2017

Will state names work as well for Budweiser as people's names do for Coke?

I saw a commercial the other day for this summer's "Share a Coke" promotion featuring people's names on bottles and cans.  The successful promotion, now in its fourth year has been expanded to include some popular last names and larger sizes, in the hopes of capturing the family vacation crowd.  Interesting idea. (Lukovitz, 2017)

Meanwhile, this week Budweiser unveiled 11 different cans and bottles with names of the states where they have breweries.  It's part of their "Proudly Brewed Across America" campaign, which is now in its second year.  Country music star Thomas Rhett is featured in the effort, as is user-generated content.  (Lukovitz, 2017)
It will be interesting to see if creating limited editions will continue to be a successful strategy for these brands.  Since the custom names give people the opportunity to form tribes and bond with each other.  I'm betting they will.

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