Friday, March 31, 2017

Will you drink Vita Coco because Chrissy Teigen does?

After years of grassroots marketing - handing out samples on the street and at music festivals, Vita Coco is taking their marketing to a new level with television.

Chrissy has touted their brand before.  Last summer she did a series of Snapchat videos for the brand.  You can check them out here...

I couldn't find any data about the effect that effort had on sales, but given that Kylie Jenner's posts for pomegranates that fall led to a 689% increase in sales in the U.K., one would imagine that the campaign was effective.  (Blake, 2016)

Also, why would they use Chrissy in a television campaign if she wasn't?  Interestingly, it appears that the brand is up for sale, which is another reason why they may be trying to raise their profile at this time. (Kaplan, 2017)

You can check out the commercial here...

So, what do you think?  Do celebrities influence your buying patterns?  How much?  Which ones?  And, why?

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  1. "Celebrities influence my purchase decisions depending on the product.

    In case of a product I am already using, celebrities may convince me to try the brand they promote; in case of Coconut Water, I plan on trying Vita Coco rather than relying on my old brand ZICO. Other examples of some of my past celebrity-driven buying decisions include Smart Water (promoted by Jennifer Aniston) Nespresso (George Clooney) and Miss Dior perfume (Natalie Portman).

    In case of a product I do not use, celebrities’ approval is not sufficient for me to try the product. Only if the product has also been recommended from other product influencers or very close friends ("social proof" effect), the celebrities’ ad can ultimately push me into a new product category.

    Celebrity branding definitely helps to raise brand awareness, and signals trust and confidence around the advertised product. I sometimes feel I know the celebrity personally, and therefore, trust their judgement on products and services they are advertising on. "

    Thank you,

  2. Celebrity influence? Maybe on an unconscious level.

    For me personally, I believe it's more about a top of mind brand awareness, the product brand's name sticks so much better if there is a celebrity I feel I identify with instead of a random person in the ad, but it does not make me want to buy the product.

  3. I believe that celebrities do influence people buying patterns. Personally celebrities do not directly influence my decision, but they do indirectly.
    Celebrities are the ones who have the latest things, they are fashionable, and it is those tendencies that I copy.

  4. I think is a fact the celebrities can influence the decision to buy the consumers, even more, I think that celebrities can make the brand more visible, moreover you have to consider that the right celebritie with the right brand, It can make a match in the achievment of better profits levels and a success of sales


  5. When I was a kid, I tended to want a basketball shoes which used by famous professional players, but currently, my buying is hardly influenced by celebrity. The tendency of the reaction to the celebrity marketing depends on the age and gender. I am a male adult. Probably I’m not a primary target of celebrity marketing especially about fashion or cosmetics.

    I think that celebrity marker will be more effective for female market. Probably female tend to make much of sympathy and to like talking about trend. Celebrity marketing will fit their insight. On the other hand, my buying could be influenced when it comes to books or gadgets. For example, if I know that a respected authority loved some books, I might get interested in buying it.

    Wataru Watanabe