Friday, April 7, 2017

L.L.Bean wrapped my NY Times today.

They also sent me a catalog this week.  Unfortunately for them, when I found out last fall that my money was being used to make illegal campaign contributions to Donald Trump I was incensed.  So much so that I returned $400 in merchandise with a note telling them that after years of being a steady customer I would never buy anything from them ever again.

Did they think I was kidding?  Do they think this will change the way that I feel?  It won't.

I wonder where they distributed the wrap.  Was it just my neighborhood on the Upper East Side?  Or was it all of Manhattan?  Or the entire city?  My guess is that they have lots of former customers in the city.  My question is why they would waste any resources on them at this point.  I certainly wouldn't.  You can't change the way that people feel.

But with flat sales the past two years, after five years of growth, they certainly need to do something. (AP, 2017).  Might I suggest a campaign in red states?

Associated Press. (2017, March 18)  L.L. Bean Weathers Boycott, OKs bonuses.  Retrieved April 7, 2017, from

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