Friday, March 24, 2017

Has a website video ever persuaded you to buy something?

E-commerce is booming.  In fact, eMarketer expects sales will top $27 trillion in 2020. (2016)

Studies show that "explainer" videos increase purchasing by a whopping 180%.  If you keep the length to one minute, 77% will stay engaged.  Increase it to more than two and only 47% will watch them completely. (Yonata, 2017)

Is this consistent with your experience?  Do you watch explainer videos?  All the way through?  Even if they are long?  And do you then buy something?  Is your behavior any different on mobile?

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Yonata, J. (2017, March 23) Whey E-Commerce Visitors Are 180% More Likely to Buy After Watching an Explainer Video.  Retrieved march 24, 2017, from


  1. When in certain subject interest me try to find videos, because I think this is the easy way to understand the big picture after that if this subject keep my atention I try to find detail information about.
    I don’t like the video too long unless that video will be really awesome.
    In my experience, a good video can dissuade me, moreover I never buy something in my mobile unless I was researched before.

    Jhonny Andres

  2. My purchase decisions are definitely influenced by “Explainer Videos”. Personally, beauty product reviews are the most influential explainer videos for my buying decisions. Since beginning last year, I bought all my beauty products because of an explainer video I’ve seen rather than a friends’ recommendation.
    The length of the video varies broadly; my personal benchmark for video length is 8 – 9 minutes, dependent on how well the video has been designed (beautiful content, valuable information).
    Generally, I watch most Explainer Videos on my computer rather than my phone due to its screen size

  3. I think that in most people “explainer videos” help a lot the brand to purchaise the final product, since they make people know, understand and commit to the brand.
    In my specific case, I see the “explainer videos”, I like them but I do not buy the product or service that is being promoted. To buy a new product that I never buy it before I have to try it, touch it or taste it. In general I see more videos in the cellphone, because they are in social media and it easier to see them here.