Friday, November 4, 2016

Speaking of bacon...

Hormel is adding a new twist to their marketing of black label bacon - a bacon-scented Google cardboard VR headset. 

While consumers can get a feel for the brand by watching this video, the limited edition headsets will turn viewing into a "multisensory bacon experience."  And viewers will be able to buy the bacon in the "first-ever mobile virtual reality shopping experience."

Check out the video here...  

And you can learn more about the brand here...

Here's the link to the blog I wrote about Oscar Meyer's "bacon for father's day" effort in 2013, with a few comments from students...

So what do you think?  These are certainly out-of-the-box ideas.  Would you be interested in getting a headset?  Do you think they will sell more bacon?  And what do you think of the tonality of the Hormel video?  I am struck by how upscale the product appears, almost as if it's a status symbol. 

Wohl, J., Neff, J., Schultz, E. (2016 November 2)  Lowdown: Has a Certain Enticing Aroma Been Missing From Your VR Experience?  Have No Fear, Bacon Is Here.  Retrieved November 11, 2016, from


  1. I agree that the video makes the bacon seem like a status symbol, which I feel like has been a popular marketing tool lately for various types of products. I personally would not get a headset, I just think it is too complicated. I don’t feel that grocery shopping is difficult enough that this would be useful to me. Turkey bacon is also the new bacon – as vegan and healthier foods are trending – so I don’t know how much I agree with their key message “we’re always the new black.”


  2. I personally would not purchase a headset for grocery shopping. I agree with Alex's idea that grocery shopping is not such a difficult job for me to do. Furthermore, even though the new commercial seems upscales and advanced, I don't have any impulse to get bacons just because the black color does not quicken my appetite.

  3. I think this video is creative in providing a VR experience with a sensory twist. The idea of using the trendy technology is eye-catching and might be effective in the early stage of the usage of VR as it is still considered “new” now. However, as a person that has neutral liking to the bacon, I’m just fond of the idea of the VR experience. It still doesn’t appeal to me enough to buy the product. For bacon lovers, I think they might be fond of it and will buy the bacon. After all, it’s quite a new approach. But despite from the newness of the approach that refreshes people’s curiosity and interest, a traditional-style and yet elaborate campaign might achieve similar or better effect in provoking people’s crave for the product.

  4. The Hormel Black Label Bacon is very interest it give the view the illusion that people who eat Hormel Black Label Bacon are innovative and are always on the cutting edge of technology. It sends the message that people who eat Hormel Black Label Bacon don’t should in the store to buy back and they don’t use their computer. Those two ways of shopping is so passé.
    People who each Hormel Black label Bacon just think about it and it is order and delivered for them.
    The futuristic setting gives that feel of being on the cutting edge.

    I am not sure that people will be willing to pay the additional cost if they assume the competitor Oscar Meyer bacon is just as good for a lower prices

  5. I agree the product does look upscale. However the Headset idea is a little bit of a stretch for me, I`m Doing my grocery shopping online but still don’t see why I would want to do it with a headset.

    Also I don’t see why Bacon should be innovative. I just don’t understand on which way this headset idea adds value to the product.


  6. Why it's all about bacon, people? Honestly, I can't be fair while watching this ad because I can't stand bacon, but I'll try...

    I think that the company is really trying to think outside of the box with this ad incorporating the latest technology to implement their strategy. However, I don't think that such device would help the brand with the sales. It's one thing to make a joke by purchasing this device to a friend who loves bacon and another thing is to actually go to the store and purchase this specific brand.

    Since it's a food product (meh, again!), I would concentrate on taste qualities of the product. Also, it would be interesting to collaborate with a beverage company to create a unique food & drink combo that people might enjoy. Or, perhaps, collab with a frying pans company and give a package of bacon for free every time you purchase a new pan?

  7. I dont understand this video at all!! I love bacon but it combines and future tech approach with bacon. There is a huge disconnect between what they are selling and how they are selling it. I feel like Im being sold a car or some expensive liquor but its bacon. To me I wouldn't buy either because I don't want expensive bacon I want cheap greasy good old bacon.

    william gockel-Figge

  8. Certainly this isn't my cup of tea. I can see how for a target audience of middle age males this will be appealing. There is a certain upscale tone to the product with the idea that you need a headset to purchase your groceries. Certainly brings targets its right audience with the colors and tones. I also believe there is a certain assumption of power by owning this gadget and being able to purchase your desired "bacon" any time you want with one blink away. It almost loses the real characteristics of old fashion bacon to transition it into this status symbol, such as high end brands and spirits.

  9. In my opinion, this is prime example of a brand riding on a trend that simply does not work. The beauty of VR is to provide a unique, personal, engaging experience to the viewer which in this example brings zero value. VR is best used as a forum to bringing to life compelling content similar to how the NYTimes have been pioneering with their content curation. This was a big miss for me and does not make me want to buy their bacon.