Friday, September 9, 2016

If Sun-Maid focuses on baking will their sales increase?

Sun-Maid Growers of California has completed their agency reviews and selected new marketing partners.  They are now in the process of developing an integrated marketing campaign featuring custom recipes to support their tie-in to the "Trolls" movie and the holiday baking season. (McClellan, 2016)

I wasn't aware that there still is a holiday baking season. 

Which makes me wonder - does anyone bake anymore?  If so, who?  Why not focus on snacking instead?  The product does come in those convenient little boxes after all.

So what do you think?  Who is the target for this effort?  Do you think it will be successful?  Or do you think a different target and strategy would work better?

McClellan, S. (2016, September 6)  MXM, MBMG Win Agency Assignments From Sun-Maid.  Retrieved September 8, 2016, from


  1. Women in their 50's and older definitely still are baking, and when the holidays (Christmas, etc.) come around the shelves at the supermarket always fill up with baking utensils. I think this effort will be successful as putting custom recipes gives it a unique twist like it's "as if grandma made it."

  2. I think, they target women between 30-50
    with a young child, or children.
    “Trolls” is an Animation for kids. So parents with young kids would be interested in seeing it.

    As a 23 years old guy I don`t bake too often however,
    my mother, grandmother, aunt does, especially around the holidays. So I think holiday baking season is a thing, I`m just not sure whether this strategy will work or not.
    In my family holiday cooking and baking is a custom, what I mean by that. My family would cook and bake pretty much the same thing year after year. Using the ingredient and brands they always do.
    Another concern is, if someone decides to try out their recipes after seeing the movie and advertisement, they might use a different brand.

    Adam N.

  3. I believe the effort will be worth and successful. It is true that there are not many people bake today. Currently women in age between 30-70 might be the market target for this company. Other than that, many young people bake sometimes just for fun. They would be new customers for the company. What is embedded into baking, which is one of the strategies to persuade customers, is the meaning of tradition.

  4. I do believe there is a "holiday baking season" for sure. Maybe not in the NYC area par se (who can bake hundreds of cookies for the holidays in a kitchen the size of a broom closet?) But in the suburbs all over America and also in more rural and traditional homes, baking is still a HUGE event especially in the colder months. Every culture has their own types of holiday cookie and many households still do some sort of baking, especially during the holiday season. So I do feel they are touching on a viable niche market/season. It seems that you did not fit into Sun-Maid's target market, as something like this didn't really appeal to you.

    I don't feel snacking will be very productive as Sun-Maid products are predominantly sun dried raisins as well as other dried fruit, they are not exactly "healthy"- they are all sugar, and most people this day and age don't eat boxed raisins as snack as they are not a healthy snack. Maybe a snack for very young children possibly.

  5. The target for this campaign is Millennial Moms, and they are a great target.

    The average age of a new mom is 25. There are now over 9 million "Millennial Moms" with massive purchasing power - spending over $178 billion in 2014.

    According to this article, "Seventy-six percent of Millennials say they like to cook and 89 percent want to get better at cooking. Millennial Moms lean toward special occasion cooking and spend less time on everyday cooking. These moms are looking for inspiration, primarily in the form of video. Sixty-eight percent of Millennial Moms watch videos while cooking and two-thirds of them will purchase food products that are featured in cooking videos."

    Looks like the ideal target for a holiday-oriented digital campaign.


    Jeff S.

  6. Since “Trolls” is an animated film, the brand is targeting parents with children. With a national campaign “Let’s Move” initiated by the First Lady Michelle Obama, parents across the country are more aware of the importance of a proper nutrition. Dried raisins are a new, healthy turn on sweet treats that so many children are addicted to. Saying so, parents might be interested in trying on some of the healthy dessert recipes. In other words, creating a dedicated book of recipes is a great way to re-introduce dried fruits into kids’ diet.

    Addressing your question about the demographic of people cooking and baking at home, I believe that the interest in homemade food is actually rising. Think about how popular nowadays are cooking TV-shows, magazines, and at-home cooking services such as Blue Apron. It might not be an epic comeback of a holiday baking season tradition, but for a certain demographic of people with kids who are socializing through sharing meals and holiday celebrations, it might be a valuable idea to pursue.

    When it comes to my opinion on whether the campaign will perform well, I believe that here we have all of the ingredients for success. The film Trolls is a 3D computer-animated musical comedy endorsed by such celebrities as Anna Hendricks and Justin Timberlake, featured by DreamWorks? I remember how my younger sister was obsessing about everything from Finding Nemo back in the 2000s and my parents had no other choice as delivering requested goodies. Even if Sun-Maid campaign will not reach parents directly, they would be reached indirectly through kids. I mean, who could say “no” to a child asking for a healthy snack?

  7. I think the campaign targets for the moms or grandmas who like baking, probably millennials and Gen X. As Sun-Maid Growers of California is a traditional and long-lasting brand, customers are already familiar with its traditional products. I think there’s no harm to try another line to reach potential customers who prefer baking products. When the original line is stabilized, the new custom recipe adds changes and creation to the brand, and provides more options for customers in this multi-demands society. Plus, it’s a campaign to support their tie-in to the "Trolls" movie and the holiday baking season. People who watch the movie or the show can be informed about the new recipe while the campaign returns the benefits as well. As the product comes in the convenient little boxes, it already provides the image of “Snacking” to customers. If the company wants to catch customers’ attention, “Snacking” doesn’t sound new enough, “baking” is interpreted in a more specific and custom sense.
    Jia Yin