Friday, September 23, 2016

Would a cold Heineken taste good right now?

Last year Heineken ran a promotion called "Spark Your Holiday."  The real-time campaign, which ran in digital, mobile and out-of-home media, targeted consumers at the exact moment they were making food and beverage decisions.  Discounts and incentives were offered and in-store sales increased by 4.3%. (Sullivan, 2016)

Impressive.  And a bit Minority Report. 

So what do you think?  Have you observed any ads that have been particularly well-timed or well-placed?  Did they make you want to buy something?  Did they creep you out?  Or are you willing to trade some privacy for convenience?

Sullivan, L. (2016, September 21)  Heineken Finds 4.3% In-Store Sales Increase Through Intent Targeting.  Retrieved September 23, 2016, from,


  1. Yes I have had that experience. I was watching the news and reading through some reports for work and a commercial came on about Air Optix multifocal contact lens and I went out the next day and purchase the lenses

    I have attached the ad for everyone's viewing

    I have worn glasses and contacts all my life but when my optometrist recommended that I get transitional lenses because I work on the computer most of the day. I thought how would that work out for me when I am wear contacts. Some when I saw the commercial I jumped on the opportunity

  2. I think that there have been times when i thought the ad was successful, and times when ads were more on the creepy side. For example, I rarely shop online but if i am going to a shop on a website called Revolve clothing. If i put something in my online cart and close out of the page (without buying!) and then go on Facebook even just a few minutes after, there is an ad saying "I know you've been checking me out" with a picture of the dress or whatever i was looking at in my cart. At first i found it creepy, but i did go back and buy the dress so i guess it was successful in the end.

  3. Yes I see real time adds based on what I have searched quite often, I do most if my shopping online, from clothing to groceries, using amazon, eBay and instacart.

    Sometimes I feel uncomfortable about how much informations companies have on my spending habits however it is nice to see ads that directed to you. I mean you will see ads online, on tv , on your social media and basically everywhere. So I much rather see ads that may actually interest me.

    This summer I was looking for airplane tickets and vacation packages online for about a week, and actually all the sudden an ad bumps up on my Facebook, with the “ perfect “ vacation the one I was looking for just couldn’t find.
    So I purchased it.

    I conclusion realtime ads are might be creepy a little bit, but for sure they are effective.

    Adam N.

  4. I think it’s quite a smart strategy to market with the trend of social media. I remember that I read an article about real-time campaigns. One is Ore using real-time marketing through social media technology. When the lights went out in the New Orleans Super Dome during Super Bowl XLVII in 2013, Oreo’s social media team quickly tweeted “Power out? No problem” accompanied by an image featuring an Oreo, followed by “You can still dunk in the dark.”
    Drawn from my own experience, I once posted a picture about a very nice Korean BBQ restaurant on Instagram adding its location. One day I got a comment from the restaurant that offered special discounts for July 4th. I was just thinking about a nice place to hang out with friends on that day, so I went there eventually.
    Jia Yin

  5. The power of cookies in web browsing is a powerful thing. It allows companies to directly connect to you via direct marketing predicated on search history, past websites visited or even directly on the interests you have to begin with. How to effectively fight against it is by clicking this link.

  6. I think that real-time marketing is the future of advertising. With a raising interest in live streaming social media (such as Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook Live, and Insta Stories), marketers need to figure out how to use this new medium in the most effective way possible. There is also a notion of ‘see now, buy now’ practice that many brands started implementing over this season’s fashion weeks. This strategy seemed to work for Tom Ford, Burberry, and other brands across the globe. Seems like Heineken is trying to be on top of this new “live selling” trend too with their advertising strategy. Why not? If it works, good for them!

    I actually have a bit of information to share about Heineken’s marketing strategy that I observed on social media. I noticed that over the last few months a few of social media influencers that I follow started sharing their experiences of attending all sorts of music events (not necessarily music festivals) and present Heineken beer as the best ‘pre-game’ drink. I think an interesting thing here is that the brand is not sponsoring musicians or giving away samples, but hires influencers to share exciting experiences. This practice relates to the statement mentioned in the textbook that Millennials are more likely to react on ads featuring experiences versus those demonstrating products.

    Personally, I love sponsored content by some of my favorite bloggers or YouTubers. Since they are getting paid to produce a piece of content, many influencers share their best tips and tricks specifically in sponsored videos. Such brand endorsements really motivate me to purchase products, especially skincare and makeup.

  7. Whenever I go online shopping for any reason and close out my web browser, the next time I open it up something I had recently searched up is there. At first I did feel like it was just flat out weird because I didn’t remember looking up some of those things. However, there have been instances where I do end up clicking on the ad and buying what I ended up looking at. However, as time has gone by I have noticed that it has become more and more common for this to happen on almost any website I open up. Companies are shifting towards real time ads to get the attention of people and boost sales. Quite honestly it is a smart move although it can seem a little uncomfortable at first because of the fact that it is placed when you aren’t looking for anything at all. The internet has become the new way to target your customers because it is something that we use in our everyday life.