Friday, February 26, 2016

Can P&G sell more cosmetics to Latinas by encouraging mentoring?

In 2011, Procter & Gamble launched Orgullosa, an online community to help Latinas connect with each other and P&G brands.  Since Latinas typically spend more on beauty products than any other consumer segment it was a smart move.  According to the company, the site currently has 1.5 million members, most between the ages of 23 and 27.  Impressive.

Based on research showing that 86% of Latinas between 20 and 39 say that they would like a mentor in their lives, P&G has announced this year's #LivingFabulosa focus is on building a network of role models and mentors.  They kicked the effort off Tuesday night with an event hosted by Diane Guerrero, featuring a "Chicas Night Out" beauty bar with give-aways and consultations about P&G beauty products.  Long term the effort will feature daily inspirational messages on Instagram, encouraging participants to join in. (Mahoney, 2016)

Here's the video...


So what do you think of this effort?  Does it make sense?  Will it be successful?  Why or why not?

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  1. Yes I think it will be successful. This is because mentoring creates a relationship. The customer will trust somebody who they take advice from. People usually listen or consider things that are suggested by somebody they trust. It becomes more personal and you have higher attachment.

  2. I think this is an amazing effort. The campaign came from well defined consumer insight. It is possible to see that they have done market research in order to find the „buttons“ that need to be pushed. P&G found out that young Latinas spend more on beauty products but in the same time would like to have a mentor in their lives. In a clever way they combined these two insights and created campaign that will be successful for sure.

  3. I think this new campaign will be successful, seeing also the great result obtained by Orgullosa. P&G was able to take advantage of the social aspect of the make-up. This phenomenon born years ago due to the make-up YouTube channel and the beauty-guru, it is in growing everyday, touching all social media.
    In this campaign, the P&G's strenght was the target so well identified using market research.

  4. I’m also confident that the mentoring program will be successful and will for sure create goodwill. The only thing that I’m wondering is that what kind of mentoring it will be and how will it help to boost the sales P&G products. Maybe it will be heavily linked with Orgullosa, where P&G has possibility to promote their products. Would be interesting to know what kind of affect this campaign will have to their sales.