Friday, April 24, 2015

Will you "follow the leaf" to PepsiCo's Pure Leaf Iced Tea?

Pure Leaf Iced Tea is launching its first television spot to communicate the brand's unique selling feature -- teas made from leaves not powders or concentrates.

Here's the commercial.

The effort also includes the "Real Leaf Brewery," a mobile installation that demonstrates the brewing process, and is part of a national sampling/culinary tasting tour.  After launching on April 16th with spokesperson (and "Top Chef" judge) Gail Simmons on hand, it will make its first tour stop at the Austin Food & Wine Festival.

The brand has also redesigned its Tumblr page as a destination for tea tips, and Simmons, with her videos appearing on YouTube as well.  Online and social media will also feature recipes and tips from other culinary notables including Dani Spies of "Clean and Delicious," and Lacey Baier of "A Sweet Pea Chef." (Lukovitz, 2015)

So what do you think?  Is the strategy compelling?  Which media tactics do you think will be most effective?  Will the campaign sell lots of tea?

Lukovitz, K. (2015, April 20)  Pure Leaf Iced tea Debuts First TV Spot.  Retrieved April 23, 2015, from


  1. PepsiCo has crafted a strong campaign for Pure Leaf Iced Tea. With many stories in the news today about GMO food and other non-organics making their way into what we consume, there is heightened sensitivity about processed ingredients in food. The commercial is compelling and gives you a sense that you're drinking something wholesome. I believe that the redesigned Tumblr page will be a particularly vital part of this effort, as Tumbler has some over 400 million users and 217 million blogs, and reaches a large youth demographic aged 34 and under with considerable disposable income. Also, the collaboration with a respected natural foods guru like Youtube's Dani Spies should also lend credibility to the brand. Perhaps I'll be following the leaf!

  2. First off, the brand needs to keep is association with PepsiCo as distant as possible. Health conscious consumers as well as those looking for natural products not purchase Pure Leaf actively knowing it is a PepsiCo product. I do think the campaign will be a great success. Free samples and demonstrations are a great way to increase brand awareness and get new consumers. Secondly, the mobile tea set up is very similar to food trucks, which have taken over the food segment. It’s going to showcase Pure Leaf’s cool factor to consumers right from the start. The backing of culinary notables will surely give the brand credibility, which like all health products, is the most important thing to consider.