Friday, November 15, 2013

Can a recipe-centric website turn us all into bakers?

Duncan Hines has redesigned its website to place an emphasis on user generated recipes and an easy to use search function that allows people to search across categories such as a particular holiday, color or ingredient.  The goal is to provide both inspiration and an opportunity for baker recognition. 

So far the results have been impressive, with time spent on the site up by 50%.  And, while sales results have not been shared, the company says popular recipes for fruit fillings are inspiring new uses for the products. (Lukovitz, 2013). 

When I worked in the category, I told my clients it was all about the recipes.  So what do you think?  Are you inspired to take out the mixing bowl?

Lukovitz, K. (2013, November 14) Duncan Hines Site Breaks The CPG Mold.  Retrieved November 15, 2013, from


  1. Julie Stemann MonbergNovember 17, 2013 at 11:59 AM

    I believe Duncan Hines nailed it with this new interactive web site. One can tell that the company truly understands the target audience – her needs, personality and media habits.

    On the website, the female baking enthusiast can show her talents and creativity in the kitchen by sharing her best recipes and photos, and at the same time be acknowledged for her skills by other users who comment and rate the recipes. The target can also join a free online baker’s club, which gives the website a sense of community feeling.

    Furthermore, the website also encourages the target to share her recipes and photos on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; social media which have a lot of female users, in particularly Pinterest. I really like this tactic because of the win-win situation: The target gets to share and show how great she is, and Duncan Hines gets advertising for free.

    Although the sharing and commenting idea is not new, the strategy seems to be succesful because of the website’s untraditional design where the search and share function is a focal point. User involvement is taken seriously, the website is easy to use, and the execution is nicely done with a lot of great looking and inspiring pictures.

  2. I think adding recipes to their web site is pretty smart decision. I dont know what was their old web site like but i realised that consumers can share their recipes with each other now. It will be also good for drawing a traffic to web site and increase the time spent on their web site. However the first thing i have wondered was are there any social media specialist that taking care of review sections? it seems Duncan Hines can't handle their customers problems in their web sites review section. I m not sure about they are reading the comment at all. This is an important problem which they must take care of. Look at the comments of chocalete chip cookies. These comments ( such as terrible product, waste of money etc..) were posted about a month ago and nobody respond it.