Friday, November 22, 2013

I think Spice Islands may be on to something.

The spice manufacturer is returning to television for the holiday season with a message about their high quality standards, which includes distributing their products in glass bottles.  (Lukovitz, 2013)

If ever there was a campaign targeted to an educated audience this is it.  I cringed last month when I read about the FDA report which said that 12% of US spice imports are contaminated with bug parts, rodent hairs, and most disconcertedly salmonella.  (Christensen, 2013)

And, I switched to glass and threw out all my plastic in 2008, when the studies about the harmful effects of BPA’s in plastic were released. (Parker-Pope, 2008)

While I reminded myself when I read the report about the spices that I usually consume only fresh herbs and spices from local organic farmer markets and my own roof garden, I did take a moment to consider what I would do if I couldn’t find a particular spice through those sources, and had no easy answer.  Well now I do.  And just in time for my holiday turkey.  Sounds like a winning strategy to me.   

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