Friday, October 18, 2013

Will a new app make you want to do your holiday shopping at Macy’s?

Macy’s has announced that they are positioning their new mobile app as a digital personal assistant for holiday shoppers.  It will help them view Black Friday specials, create customized shopping lists, and navigate the stores. Of course the lists can be edited and shared with friends.

QR codes are out – downloads were disappointing.  But a new technology will allow people to view product videos by just waving their smart phones in front of a billboard. 

The emphasis, as always, will be on deals, only now they will be delivered via mobile.  And stand by for more emails.  (Tode, 2013)

So what do you think?  Will this strategy work?  I have to admit I never had trouble finding my way around the store until they replaced the easy to read signs they had with a lousy 3D floor plan that may work with apps, but doesn’t do much for me.  It makes me wonder how many Macy’s customers are really using mobile apps.  How about you?

Tode, C. (2013, October 16)  Macy’s makes app linchpin in Black Friday shopping experience.  Retrieved October 17, 2013, from


  1. Julie Stemann MonbergOctober 20, 2013 at 9:07 PM

    Knowing that Macy’s is reaching out to millennials by introducing new brands, etc. ( I find Macy’s new strategy with a digital personal shopper mobile app and new technology in the stores excellent as long it does not scare away their target market; working women, ages 25-54, who likes affordable fashion.

    Being a part of Macy’s new target and being familiar with smart phones and new technology, I believe that millennials will embrace the new strategy and enjoy that they constantly via the app can keep themselves updated with information about deals and specials. Your blog actually made me download the Macy's app and the Black Friday app so I’m ready to experience my first Black Friday :-)

  2. I think the bar codes thing will work for young women 18-30 who are used to using technology like QR codes. However, for older women, it won't work. Older women are accustomed to having one-on-one interaction. Therefore, I believe if they need more details, they would feel more comfortable with asking to clerks.
    But the application itself will appeal to all people because everyone wants to see what will be in the store before they make a decision and also definitely wants to check coupons on the app!
    For me, this will be effective and convenient to look overall products and promotions in advance.
    and also this is enough to make people including me excited even before entering Macy's.

  3. That's my problem: every time I enter some big store I'm just lost. Overloaded shelfs make me so confused and destructed that I can spend hours in the store without buying anything (or buying a lots of stuff I don't need), even if I go just for socks. This application sounds exciting, but how many people are really prepare "plan" what do they want to find in the store? I don't know, I have a doubts about efficiency of this application.