Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why I chose Samsung and Sprint – Hint: It was all about the advertising

After years of resistance, I finally caved and decided it was time to get a smart phone.  I had already decided on a Samsung Galaxy thanks to the brilliant campaign the company ran during the launch of the iPhone 5. 

Here’s the tv ad, and the blog I wrote about it, in case you missed it.  As you can see the feedback from my class was very positive and subsequent sales results indicated that the campaign was indeed very successful. 

As far as the service went, I have tried Sprint, AT&T and Verizon over the years and haven’t noticed any appreciable difference between them.  So, when I saw the new “Unlimited for Life” ad from Sprint, I was intrigued.  Why?  Because I hate all this technology stuff!  How’s that for a consumer insight?  And the idea of taking this decision off my plate once and for all is so appealing that I said: “Sign me up.”  Here’s the ad in case you missed it.  Stand by for sales results.

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