Thursday, September 12, 2013

If you ask me, Chipotle’s new ad is depressing.

It’s no wonder given the success of Chipotle’s first ad that they would try to repeat the effort.  But to my mind the new film, "The Scarecrow," created by Moonbot and featuring Fiona Apple is such a downer it doesn’t make me want to buy anything.  The animation is gorgeous, and the song is haunting.  But the factory scene reminds me of “Soylent Greens,” which doesn’t exactly stimulate my appetite. 

It’s too bad, because the previous commercial, “Back to the Start” actually persuaded me to eat at Chipotle for the first time ever.  I liked the food and would eat there again, but not after seeing this commercial. 

Apparently, it’s all about the game, which is being touted as a free arcade-style game for the iPhone and iPad.  But what about those of us who don’t play games and have a Samsung?  Maybe they think we’ll eat more if we are depressed.  Come to think of it, they may be right.

Here’s the commercial if you missed it.

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  1. Wow! This is one of the most dramatic ads I've seen! Yes, it is depressing, but isn't one of the ways to get customers attention and stuck in their mind with some strange melody? I think they have potential. And Yes, now they have to make an ad for those who don't use Apple.
    Personally, I liked it. Even though the music is weird and story is sad... Who said that cartoons always have to be happy? Although, they left us with a hope for "happy ending". I liked it, because it's different. And the story has a true side. Now I'm interested if their product is also different as their ad.