Thursday, March 8, 2012

Was sponsoring Pandora’s workout stations a smart move for Puma?

Last September Pandora launched a series of workout stations.  They currently have 1.9 million listeners. 
In February, Puma launched its new lightweight running shoe – Pumagility – by sponsoring all the Pandora workout stations for the month.  People who listen to the stations using mobile devices and the web saw ads and banners.  And everyone heard one minute of audio ads for every hour of music.  (Corr, 2012)

Do you think this was a smart decision?  Do you think it was successful?

Corr, A. (2012, February 27)  In Natural Tie-In, PUMA promotes Running Shoe On Workout-Themed Radio. Retrieved March 7, 2012, from


  1. I think Puma sponsoring Pandora workout station is a great idea, now when the advertising is no longer then 1minut a hour. If the advertising is gelting any longer then 1 minut a hour, you get tired and change the channel.
    Puma have most certainly got a lot of sales and positive advertising out of the add and I have already bought the new lightweight running shoes.
    Mathilde Ring

  2. I do feel that this is a very smart decision for Puma and my biggest reason for it is because their ads have a very relevant content for people which are listening to Pandora's workout stations. There is not a lot of wastage in terms of advertising dollars since they are reaching the right target for their product. 1.9M listeners of highly active and athletic people are too big of a number to ignore. Plus another positive is that people are more open (less annoyed) with mobile ads since they are not as often and long as the ads you hear when listening to regular radio station.

    Igie Soriano

  3. I believe it was smart that Puma sponsored all the workout stations because this way Puma will only get to people who workout, who are their main target. This way Puma is certain that the people interested in getting fit will be aware of the Pumagility shoe. The only problem I see that could happen is over saturating the media with excessive ads and banners and excessive audio adds. I definitely think this could be successful.

  4. I think it was a very smart decision since Puma is a sports brand, and people who exercise usually listen to the radio while they do it.
    Workout station is the perfect media to get to Puma’s target market.
    I believe this was a successful campaign for Puma because everyone who works out needs to buy workout outfits, so they probably made their consumers to buy more and new consumers as well.
    In workout stations they encourage you to exercise and the first thing you need to do it is the equipment and the right clothes.

  5. I do think it was a smart decision - why not advertise sports equipment geared towards individuals who work out on a station dedicated to people working out? Talk about hitting your target audience!

    However, it seems like the ad length may have been a bit long for those who work out daily (as those who are most in the market for work out gear). Perhaps two weeks, or maybe even a week would have been enough. As the stations were already available a full 5 months before their campaign, those who listen daily may have become annoyed.