Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do you still have faith in :30 second commercials?

The reason I ask is that Coke has announced that they no longer do.  (Goetzl, 2012)

Based on the CFO’s DVR habits the company has decided to focus its ad spending on live events and sports.  But Nielsen data from earlier this month showed that while 40% of US tv viewers have DVRs only 8% of overall tv viewing is time-shifted.  And then mostly because consumers want to watch two shows at the same time. (Friedman, 2012)

I don’t know off hand who Coke’s primary consumer is, but sports programming tends to underdeliver women, where only about 1/3 of viewers are female. (Ripper, 2011)  (The Olympics are an exception as they draw more women than men.) So that could be a concern.

And then there’s the fact that when Pepsi cut back on tv advertising last year they fell to the number three brand. (CBS News, 2011)

What do you think?  Will this strategy be a winner for Coke?

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  1. Since we are living in an era of technology full of continuous changes, the advertising done in media involving technology has to adapt to all these advances.
    I think product placement and sponsorship can be good ideas since people can’t skip them and can be directed to the target market.

    I think product placement now a days can be an amazing idea because many tools are being developed to help segment the target.

    Last May I went to a conference and one man explained how he could link the people who watch one show and consume a product.
    Therefore, this information can provide, in this case, Coca Cola the perfect TV show to do product placement.

    Here I post the link to the video where Deb Roy explained this new concept. I think It is a very interesting concept and in the near future will be helpful for all business.