Thursday, December 8, 2011

Have you used a mobile coupon at a QSR?


As mobile couponing continues to grow, a new study of 9,000 QSR campaigns has yielded some interesting data.  For instance, the most popular offer is BOGO, i.e. buy one get one free, with 70% of those surveyed preferring it, while 22% wanted price discounts and 6% opted for “free with purchase” promotions.

Also interesting was the fact that weekday time sensitive promotions fared the best.  So if you want someone to buy dessert, send them a coupon at 3:00 pm on a Wednesday.  

Social media is proving to be a good way to build lists, with 10% of prospects coming through online channels.  But, refer a friend programs are still better performers, adding 21% to subscriber lists. (Walsh, 2011)

So, what about you?  Do you use mobile coupons, and do you have an offer preference?  Did you join the list via social media, or were you referred by a friend?

Walsh, M.  (2011, December 5)  Restaurant Industry Serves Up Mobile Offers.  Retrieved December 7, 2011, from


  1. I certainly haven't used the mobile QSR coupons as of yet (and similarly avoided Groupon and LivingSocial and clones), but I have started to see very real offers coming about due to my use of Foursquare. Now, showing my mobile phone to get $1 off almost seems like too much of a hassle sometimes, but the entire Geolocation phenomenon is something which can definitely allow people to be notified about offers near where they are through something like Foursquare's Radar (

  2. I personally never use QSR codes. It's too time consuming for me to scan the code just for a small coupon. If i see an ad that really interests me and I want to check it out on my phone, I'll just go to their website. I did, however, use Groupon once. I purchased a coupon for an Indian restaurant an hour away and I got 50% off when I spent over $50. I went to use the coupon that night and after I was done eating I gave them the coupon. They came back and said I couldn't use the coupon because apparently Groupon makes you wait 24 hours before you can redeem your purchase. I had to pay cash and never ended up going back to the restaurant because it was a ways away. After that bad experience I refuse to use online coupons and websites such as Groupon.