Thursday, December 15, 2011

Can Microsoft make your holiday flying experience happier?


We all know that airport travel has become increasingly difficult since 9/11 and if you’re like me, something to be avoided whenever possible.  I once suggested that marketers who recognize this new reality and attempt to improve my flying experiences would have my undying gratitude.  Apparently Microsoft heard me.

Starting this week they are partnering with Southwest Airlines for “The Picture Perfect Holiday” campaign.  The Santa’s workshop displays include Santa (or a reasonable facsimile), a holiday backdrop and an interactive kiosk.  Once visitors have their photos taken with Santa, a helpful “Windows 7 elf” will show them how to edit, share, print or store shots using Windows products. (Greenberg, 2011)

It sounds like fun to me.  What about you?  Will you check it out after you put your shoes back on?

Greenberg, K. (2011, December 12).  Microsoft Santa Experience Lands At Airports.  Retrieved December 12, 2011, from


  1. I do think this is a good idea but at the same time, I don't know if it will be successful. Personally, I would never give it my time only because when I fly, I fly alone- back and forth to Michigan. I'm usually running late or right on time so to stop and do a picture just wouldn't work with my schedule. However, for families or a single parent traveling with their children or child, it might be more effective. I still think it wouldn't be too popular because traveling with kids is hard considering you have to handle all your bags plus theirs and then the whole security system is a hassle so I have a feeling parents wouldn't want to add another activity to their adventures in the airport. Who knows though!

  2. When I was a parent of small children I learned to give enough or too much time at the airport. Traveling with small children can be taxing so if you have the time this would keep children occupied. On the other hand, it could be so distracting that the children won't want to miss it and if you haven't left enough time you will have screaming mimi's on the plane. I am on the fence with this one.

    Susan D.

  3. I think the partnership with Southwest Airlines for taking and editing photos with Santa is a terrific idea and one that I would definitely take advantage of.

    There is so much "down" time in airports and occupying children is always a challenge. The annual holiday photo card is a big deal for many families, including mine, and some professional advice on editing would be welcome. It also represents a huge time saver since this project tends to require much effort.

    It is a great example of the type of partnership you have been showing us this past semester.


  4. I'll echo the previous comments and give this one a "thumbs up". This will make traveling with young children so much easier. I'd like to see them expand the program beyond the holidays and just put in a kiosk where children can play around on e-readers or utilize some "kid-friendly" educational software. Children are scared of flying as is. Having AKs pointed in their faces at screenings really doesn't help this. Any distraction is welcome. One that encourages learning is even better.


  5. Personally, this wouldn't be of interest to me per say. However, if I had children and was traveling I would definitely take advantage of this. Seeing as I like to get to the airport as early as possible, I usually find myself waiting a couple hours until I board. If I had kids, 'waiting around' for a couple hours wouldn't be as leisurely. This kiosk would offer me an opportunity to not only have a picture of Santa with my kids, but also kill time while waiting in the airport. Considering this, I think that this is a great idea. With not much else to do in the airport, this would definitely grab peoples attention and is a good way for both Southwest Airlines and Microsoft to advertise.