Thursday, December 29, 2011

Different diet plans for NFL and NBA fans; why not?

It all started with a consumer insight – men were trying to lose weight just like women.  But, of course men don’t diet, they get in shape!  Enter NFL Quarterback Dan Marino (circa 2006) as the new Nutrisystem spokesperson – just for men.  The company’s success, approximately 25% of their business now comes from men, (Mahoney, 2011) inspired Weight Watchers to follow suit, and last spring they ran their first men’s-only campaign partnering with the NBA.  (Schultz, 2011)

Now both companies are updating their campaigns with new spokespeople, while sticking with their fan bases.  So it’s Terry Bradshaw (NFL) for Nutrisystem versus Charles Barkley (NBA) for Weight Watchers.  (Janoff, 2011)

Whose fans will lose the most weight?  Maybe they should have a contest!

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