Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It’s metrosexuals versus macho men.


Dove’s introduction of Dove Men+Care has created quite a stir, at least within the industry. The recent launch of this line for men with sensitive skin has prompted competitors to tout the superior manliness of their own products. Old Spice is urging women to get their men to stop using “lady-scented body wash”, while Gillette is saying “Just because it says it’s for men doesn’t mean it is.” (Neff, 2010)

It’s an interesting debate. And where men net out will likely depend upon their own self image. My husband for one, rejected the Dove Men+Care proposition in its entirety, based on his belief that he needs a strong soap. (Ok, he is an Irish Spring loyalist.) But, I know several men with sensitive skin, who were already using Dove products before the launch.

Which group are you a part of? Do you relate to the Dove Men+Care positioning? Or are you sticking with a more macho brand?

Neff, J. (2010, March 8). Male Call: Marketers Jump of Men’s Grooming Trend. Retrived March 10 2010, from


  1. Gillette and Old Spice's new tactics will definitely have an impact on a certain type of man. There are so many men that either feel the need to prove they are NOT homosexual or that are against the "metrosexual" stereotypes. They have an image they want to uphold and will probably shy away from using a product labeled as "sensitive". These tactics might actually increase the competitors' sales because an awareness has now been created and impressions have been made. More men will be more inclined to buy a soap that in considered "manly".

    Dove products will probably gain popularity of homosexual and metrosexual men. Many of these guys have skincare regimens and are more conscience of their bodies.

    Personally, I don't care what brand my man uses as long as he is clean, smells good, and doesn't have rough skin!

  2. I am more of a macho man soap buyer, I didn't even recognize that the Dove + soap body soap was for guys and wasn't interested in buying it even after somebody told me. It might be effective for someone with sensitive skin and understands what the commercial is saying. I would prefer the Old Spice with the commercial, even though it is funny it is effective.

  3. As I mentioned a while back in class, my boyfriend's attention and interest was grabbed by the Dove Men+Care commercials during the Superbowl. I asked him why this product seemed appealing to him. He said that the main problem he finds with strong smelling "man soaps" is that they conflict with the smell of his cologne. He's been thinking about trying a more "mild" smelling man's soap, and figured since this is for sensitive skin, it in turn would have a less strong "man" smell.

    I definitely would not call my boyfriend a metro-sexual, but he's not really a macho man, either. He's a "guy's guy" who happens to think that feeling and smelling clean is important. Despite his interest, he has not gone out to buy this product. So even though the campaign caught his attention once, it wasn't successful at capturing him as a consumer.

  4. Before I met my husband, he lived by soap bars (the cheaper, the better!). I insisted he switch to whatever I buy for him, and of course he had no choice but to comply. Being the main soap buyer for the house, I don't think it would make a difference at all if I bought the Dove Men+care. But if my husband were single, I know for a fact he never would have thought about getting anything other than his bars of soap. There are definitely guys out there that are ridiculously conscious of the products they buy, but I'm sure there is a huge group of men like my husband: no change until they are forced into it!