Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Can an iPhone app sell MRI machines?


GE has taken their “Healthymagination” campaign to the web with a content-rich website, a mobile app, and social networking.
Saying that: “From a digital perspective the difference between business-to-business and business-to-consumer is starting to vanish”, they are betting that breaking medical information into small bites, and delivering it to iPhones, will ultimately lead to more sales of high tech imaging equipment to their key customers -- doctors and hospital administrators. (Mahoney, 2010)
What do you think? Will such an indirect approach be effective? Will consumers influence doctor/hospital purchasing?

Mahoney, S. (2010, February 25). GE Launches Consumer Web Initiative. Retrived March 3, 2010, from


  1. I believe it will be approached but I don't know how effective. Within my work doctors want to see the facts ASAP,they want it to be quick and easy to see an xray or picture of someone crisp enough that they can be looking at it from their own computer. This way it shows the ease of working within this product and how compact and simple it is to do, making it much easier to show to patients or even consult other doctors about.

  2. I certainly don't think it can hurt. Working in the medical technology field I can attest that iPhones are very prevalent among clinicians. Also, giving patients the tools to drive their own care/answer questions is something that is progressing. If GE can get consumers to question their providers on the equipment they're using, it will at least get conversations started.

  3. Unless the website is improved I don't think this will be an effective method. I personally thought the website was very boring and I forced myself to keep going through it. Also, when making such an important purchase such as a MRI machine, I would think that one would really want to be concentrating when researching it. If you are on your iphone instead of a computer then that probably means other things are going on around you. High tech equipment is not a quick and easy purchase... or it shouldn't be anyway. If I needed my brain, bones, or organs looked at I wouldn't want my doctor using a machine that he ordered off his iphone!