Friday, June 23, 2017

L'Oreal gets a Millennial makeover.

The iconic L'Oreal tagline - "I don't mind paying more, because I'm worth it," was the stuff of advertising industry lore. 

While its original intent was to justify the brand's premium pricing strategy, what made it special was its reaffirmation of female self-worth.  According to McCann-Erickson collective memory, in 1971, a rare female copywriter (her name unfortunately has not been remembered) who was rediscovering her own self-worth through therapy came up with it.  It spoke to the Silent Generation women who regretted their own lack of choices and were now encouraging their daughters to take advantage of the opportunities they never had.

Reflecting a new reality, in the 90's the line morphed into "Because you're worth it," taking a more supportive stance at a time when women were starting to work in greater numbers, and the focus was on helping each other to navigate this strange new world.

These days, Millennials take the fact that woman work for granted.  They are more diverse, and potentially more inclusive, so perhaps the new tagline - "Because we are all worth it," will speak to them. 

Although I wonder if they really could use a shot of self-esteem more, since social media seems to be destroying it.

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