Friday, February 24, 2017

Do you shop for groceries online? Are you a Millennial?

My neighborhood used to have a 24/7 Korean deli on every corner.  Most of them are gone now.

My local supermarket, formally a Food Emporium, is now a Morton-Williams store.  They have remade the store entirely and in the process have narrowed the aisles so much that one cart barely makes it through, never mind two.  And even with just a basket, I find it uncomfortable and claustrophobic to shop there.  So I surmised that people probably aren't actually shopping there.

Therefore I was less surprised then I might have been when I saw that a new study from Clavis Insight found that 90% of Millennials shop for groceries online.  The figure drops to 84% for Gen Xers; still high enough to take note.  (Berk, 2017)

In fact, it brings a whole new meaning to the familiar phrase - "Who Moved My Cheese?"  Time for grocery stores to beef up their online/mobile game. 

Berk, B. (2017, February 17)  Study: A majority of millennials shop online for groceries.  Retrieved February 23, 2017, from

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