Friday, January 6, 2017

Will The Pierre Hotel's power breakfast be your cup of tea?

In what is perceived to be an unusual move, The Pierre Hotel is partnering with Bloomberg to reach financial community leaders.  The goal is simple.  Convince them to use the hotel for their corporate events. (Gazdik, 2017)

What's different is the use of radio to do it.  Luxury hotels don't advertise on radio.  One has to wonder why.  According to the latest data from Nielsen, AM/FM stations reach 97% of the U.S. population, and 92% of Millennials.  74% of adults in the U.S. listen to AM/FM stations daily, while only 15% are choosing Pandora and 6% are choosing Spotify. (Murphy, 2016)

But, it's not unusual for marketers to get stuck in a media rut, despite the fact that alternatives might do a better job of reaching their targets and achieving their objectives. 

I can still remember the lengths I had to go to when we launched Lucent Technologies in 1996, to convince the client to use prime time television for a B-to-B product.  Eventually I was successful in convincing him to be on almost all of NBC's powerhouse Thursday night line-up (the exception was Friends) and the results were extraordinary.  We went from zero awareness to ubiquity overnight.  No wonder the stock quadrupled.

So, I have high hopes for the Pierre's effort on Bloomberg because it seems like a perfect way to engage the target.  "Power Breakfast at the Hotel Pierre," will air nationally from 7 to 10 am each weekday through the end of March. 

I may even check it out.  Will you?

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