Friday, March 25, 2016

Would you drink a Carlsberg at a chocolate bar?

On March 23, Carlsberg offered free half pints of beer in a special chocolate glass at a pop-cafe made entirely of chocolate.   

The bar was located outside the Old Truman Brewery in London, and only lasted half a day, but seems to have been a delicious success.  

 I'll bet there are some pics of it posted on Instagram and Facebook.

What do you think of the use of events in marketing?  Have you attended any?  Put photos online?  Made a purchase?

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  1. I think using events in marketing can be very effective. It creates online buzz and people can share photos and posts on social media. In the case of the Carslberg event, I did find some photos on Instagram - one showing a long line of people waiting to try the beer.

    Events are also a great way to market a new product. People will be introduced to the product and given a chance to try it for free. Then, they will hopefully like it and decide to buy more. Without the event, these new customers may have never been exposed to the product at all.

    I was recently at an event where a new, healthy coconut drink was introduced and given away for free. While I did not love the drink myself, many of my friends did and said they would buy it in the future.

  2. Events are a great way to increase engagement between the consumer and the company. They do however have a high cost! But there's no better way for a company to sell a product to a person then face to face in person. And an event would be the best way to do this!

    I have attended several events, mostly ones that had a special guest. It has increased increased my awareness and knowledge in the company. If it weren't for the event, I wouldn't know the brand or remember them as well. And the more I know the brand, the higher chance I have of making a purchase.

  3. An event and its organization is very expensive for a company, but I think that it could be one of the best way to promote a new product and to increase the brand's awareness.

    I worked for two years as a promoter and I notice that the most successful campaigns are those where people can try directly the product or you give a discount.

    I like attending makeup promotion: finally I could see me with a straight line of eye-liner!!

  4. Interesting campaign from Carlsberg! I do like the chocolate bar, but I would like it more if there would be a connection between the product/brand and chocolate. For example if they would introduce a new beer that has a hint of chocolate flavor or a beer that goes well with chocolate. Now I don’t really understand why chocolate bar?

    In general I think that events are a good way to promote products. Nowadays it’s also important to try to create something interesting enough so that it will be remembered and/or consumers will post something about it on social media. I have been part of organizing many events and we always keep in mind to social media aspect.

  5. I think using events in marketing is a very good investment because you can get your message to a very big number of people, get their attention; but also profit from PR.

    Although it is strange to drink beer from chocolate glasa, if I was there I would have take pictures and probably just eat the chocolate.

    Also,I did attend one such event including photo booths (which are very popular now), took pictures with my friends and posted them online.