Friday, March 27, 2015

Do you want to be challenged by a soda?

In a just launched campaign, Dr. Pepper is daring Telemundo viewers to "Try Something New," led by celebrities of course.  The on-air component of the "Atrevete A" campaign consists of branded segments on "Suelta La Sopa," a popular celebrity chat show.  Celebrity guests will join the hosts as they try challenging feats.

The campaign will also be promoted with "Daring Moments of the Week" segments, commercials and cross-promotional segments on other Telemundo series.

Online, viewers have been invited to share photos of themselves with a Dr. Pepper logo and write a caption describing something they have always wanted to try.  The winner will appear on the show. (Sass, 2015)

Oddly enough Dr. Pepper isn't the only soft drink using  a "dare" theme at the moment.  Earlier this month, Pepsi introduced "Live for Now," with challenges led by Pepsi ambassadors like Usher and Serena Williams.

So what do you think?  Will these campaigns be successful?  Is it about the challenge or the celebrities?

Sass, E. (2015, March 26)  Dr. Pepper, Telemundo Dare Viewers In New Campaign.  Retrieved March 27, 2015, from


  1. What makes the campaign successful?
    In my opinion it's the combination between the use of celebrities and the challenge-aspect, not just one thing. Both these components make it 'social-media worthy' and worth sharing with your friends. Social media worthy because of the celebrities and worth sharing with your friends because it's a challenge and people want support and appreciation when they accept a challenge.

    Judging whether the campaigns will be successful is difficult to say. I think the challenge-aspect can't do any harm to the brand. Celebrity endorsement on the other hand is always a risky way of marketing. When you use a celebrity in your campaign the type of celebrity or specific person has to be casted very well. The celebrity has to fit your brandimage and product perfectly. If the celebrity doesn't suit your product it could easily damage your image. Furthermore, it's probably not the fact that it's a celebrity which is the most important component, it's the parasocial relationship that your targetgroup/audience need to have with the celebrity. With a parasocial relationship I mean the feeling that you have a good connection with the celebrity and that it could be a 'friend' of yours. When you can achieve a parasocial relationship between the celebrity in your campaign and your target group I think the campaign will definitely be successful!


  2. "I like it. No matter Pepsi or Dr Pepper, historical soft-drink brands need new spice to stimulate the sense of consumer so as to remind them the existence of the brand. Celebrities serve as a playful trigger to catch target’s attention and arouse their interest to participate. "

    Best Regards,
    Cosette Lee

  3. In my opinion this campaign will be successful. Dr. Pepper understands that if they want customers to engage with them, they need to present something worth talking about. In addition, if they want customers that are loyal, they realize that they need to act in a way that deserves loyalty.

    Consumers nowadays like to be given autonomy over the ways they resonate with brands. Therefore they will like the fact brands like Dr. Pepper and Pepsi are giving them opportunities to try new and exciting things while mending their evangelistic attitudes toward the brand with their own passions and everyday life.

    When it comes to whether the campaign’s success hinges on the challenge or celebrities, I believe the challenge is what entices this consumer base to pursue a greater emotional attachment to the brand.

    Consumers decide which brands to buy and which ones to stick with based on the way the make them feel. That’s why brands (Dr. Pepper in this case) are not in the business of selling products – they’re in the business of forging close emotional ties with their customers.



  4. I think this campaign will be successful. If the Telemundo and Hispanic audience is just as influenced by celebrity culture as Americans are, then I see a lot of engagement. I think Pepsi will see the highest participation from the teenage and early 20s category. I think it ultimately comes down to the celebrity, and not the brand. Usher is extremely popular, and Serena Williams reaches the sports oriented crowd. In order to be successful, Telemundo must chose the best matched celebrities for their target market.