Friday, February 21, 2014

Will putting Vines on billboards sell more Pepsi?

In an attempt to engage consumers via user-generated content, PepsiCo is bringing Vines submitted by users to digital billboards in the UK. 

In support of Pepsi Max's "Unbelievable" campaign, PepsiCo is inviting British consumers to submit Vines showing themselves doing something that defies imagination, along with the hashtag #LiveForNow.  (Sass, 2014)

I can certainly see people in engaging some foolhardy behavior in pursuit of their 15 minutes of fame , but I'm not so sure they will buy more Pepsi Max.  What do you think?

Sass, E. (2014, February 19)  PepsiCo Putting Vines On Digital Billboards in UK.  Retrieved February 20, 2014, from


  1. PepsiCo putting Vines on digital billboards in U.K. is a great "gimmick' and will certainly create some buzz for their newest product, Pepsi Max. But like you, I don't think it's going to help sell more Pepsi Max. It obvious that the target audience for this marketing idea are the celebrity - obsessed Gen Y, whose everyday lives revolve around posting, their every thoughts and moves for everyone in the twitter/facebook world to see -- wanting their 15 minutes of fame (or in this case 6 seconds of fame).

    Although Gen Y will certainly participate in this new way of using social media for advertisement, it will not make them buy the product because typically Pepsi or any type of soda, is a product that Gen X and even Baby Boomers consume. Gen Y choice of beverage are water, Red Bull or any energy drink- heavy on sugar - that will boost their energy.

    PepsiCo bringing Vines submitted by users to billboard is a good a try to lure their target audience to switch to Pepsi Max, but unless Pepsi markets Pepsi Max as an energy drink, I don't think that their target audience will buy or switch to Pepsi Max.

  2. I personally do not believe that this will generate more sales for Pepsi Max. I think that if Pepsi required that the individuals need to be drinking the Pepsi Max or doing something with the drink/can itself while "doing something that defies imagination, along with the hashtag #LiveForNow that would increase their sales. However once this is campaign is over I don't believe that people would continue purchasing it unless they actually like the product's taste. It is a creative idea and definitely up-to-date on technology which draws attention to consumers but it doesn't persuade anyone to buy it. This campaign's end goal is to be recognized however it should have incorporated their product in the video because it is pointless, unless you associate Pepsi Max itself with the tag line, "Unbelievable."

  3. I do not see how getting people to post Vines for Pepsi has anything to do with getting them to actually buy their products. I think that Pepsi should use Vine for other means; maybe come up with a cool video that would actually persuade consumers to buy their drink.