Thursday, August 15, 2013

Note to NAD about Coors Light – Really?

The National Advertising Divison (NAD) of the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council has referred Miller Coor’s ad claims for Coor’s Light to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for review.  The claims in question are: “the world’s most refreshing can,” “beer on the inside, science on the outside,” and “smoother, more refreshing pour.” 

Apparently these claims imply that the Coor’s Light can is technologically superior to others and therefore provides more refreshing beer.  Really?  I thought it was all meaningless gibberish.  And MillerCoors has declined to provide substantiation because they too consider the claims to be puffery. (Bachman, 2013)

But, what I want to know is why either organization is wasting their time on something like this when they should be looking at the health claims being made by unhealthy foods which are fueling the obesity crisis. 

Bachman, K. (2013, August 13)  MillerCoors Rebuffs Ad Industry Review of Coors Light Claims.  Retrieved August 14, 2013 from,

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