Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cloudy with a chance of shampoo ads

Have you checked the weather today?  If you did, The Weather Channel knows what you want to buy.  As the company’s Chairman and CEO, David Kenny points out “people generally check the weather because they’re planning to do something.”  And now that the checking is being done on mobile devices they have been able to piece together patterns that allow advertisers to target their best prospects very precisely.  (Rosman, 2013)

For instance, thanks to this data, Pantene was able to place ads for a new anti-frizz shampoo next to weather reports indicating that it would be a humid day.  Wow.  And a bit of digging has indicated that sales for Michaels Stores crafting materials surge when the forecast calls for rain three days in advance, so they are considering sponsoring long range forecasts.  Hmm.  Maybe Xanax should consider that option too.  Clearly the possibilities are endless.  Color me intrigued. 

Rosman, K. (2013, August 15)  Shopping Up A Storm.  The Wall Street Journal.  pD1

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