Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Will you spend $10 to help end violence against women?


On March 8, Avon kicked off its yearly campaign to stop global violence against women. First started in 2008, and spearheaded by Reese Witherspoon, the campaign has raised $30 million to date.

For each $10 bracelet bought, $8.04 will be donated to the Avon Foundation for Women. They are also donating an unspecified percentage of sales earned from songs purchased from Avon Voices, and are encouraging women to name them their favorite non-profit on Ebay, so they will be able to donate $1 or more every time they make an Ebay purchase. (Mahoney, 2011)

What do you think? Is this strategy a winner? If you do buy a bracelet, will you buy some make-up too? Do you want to be asked to donate money every time you buy something on Ebay?

Mahoney, S. (2011, March 7). Avon, Witherspoon Expand Antiviolence Campaign. Retrieved March 9, 2011, from


  1. i think this is a winner. people want to support a cause, and this seems like a great way to get products that you would normally buy and feel good about being part of a campaign to stop violence.

  2. i think this is a winner. people like to feel good, and to buy products that you like, and possibly already use, at the same time donating to a cause, i think is a good thing

  3. I think this strategy is winner.
    Becouse Avon is known as a company for women.
    It is really clarify campain.

    additionally, if Witherspoon talk about her exeperience and take part in positive, this campain will be more better.

  4. I think this strategy is a winner, because you can support a very good cause just buying beauty products. A lot of women in USA are living with violence in their own homes, and most of them can support this campaign just buying a product that they are going to use it and at the same time feel good.
    Also Avon it's not an expensive brand and everybody can support the campaign buying something and don't spend a lot of money

  5. Nikke Gant

    This campaign strategy is a winner. Women will always be consumers of beauty products and linking their purchases with a cause that will help this population fight domestic violence shows Avon is concerned about their most valuable asset - the consumer, and the women who are important to them.

  6. I definitely think Avon's strategy is a winner. Women are their primary customers and thus have a special connection to the cause. It's unlikely this campaign will have any sort of backlash. The cash Avon raises comes from the customers themselves and doesn't compete with their products or hurt their bottom line. Even if very few people participate the campaign would only be a small loss for the company.

  7. I think it's a winner - everyone wants to support a good cause, and women are drawn to Avon - I think I would likely purchase some sort of face cleanser or makeup in the process, which may make me a repeat customer if I like the product. However, what I think I would like even more is if I knew that they were regularly donating a percentage to the charity from all sales rather than just one time per year from the sale of a bracelet which i may or may not actually want to wear (not everyone wants to wander around like the livestrong mafia and their yellow bracelets).

    Anna P