Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are you watching television on your computer yet?


A recent study shows that nearly 1/3 of urban media consumers are watching television on their computers or mobile devices.

Interestingly, the numbers vary based on cultural background with 41% of Asians, 37% of Latinos, and 36% of African-Americans watching tv on alternative platforms compared to 25% of whites. (Friedman, 2011)

What about you? Did you watch the latest episode of American Idol on your iphone?

Friedman, W. (2011, March 11). Non-Traditional TV Viewing Surges. Retrieved March 16, 2011, from


  1. No, i did not.
    In my experience, when I watched Oscar on TV, i checked on my computer.
    Becouse I could watch another camera on red carpet. It's so fun.

    But,normaly I don't do that.
    When I watch on TV, I want to relax!

  2. No, I don't saw the latest episode of American Idol neither in my TV hahahah.
    I don't like to watch TV on my computer. I love to lying in my bed and watch TV. Actually, I bought the adapter for my Mac to download my favorite series and movies in netflix and watch them on my TV.

  3. No, I didn’t watch American idol on my iPhone because I prefer to watch their dynamic performance on more than 20” screen TV. On my iPhone I could not even see their face clearly...I guess...actually I have not seen American Idol at all.

    I read Friedman’s article and then have another point of view. He mentions that the number of viewers who watch TV on alternative platform is 31%, this number means that people have multiple choices. For instance, people can keep up with the latest news easily from laptop or smartphone, and also if people miss favorite shows, they can get it by videos. That’s why the number of user of alternative device is quite high.

    And also he shows difference of a rate of viewer on alternative device based on ethical background. These number is quite obvious because Asians and Latinos are likely to watch own country’s TV program on online TV. He said, ”35% of Asians report watching TV on them weekly, compared to 22% for Latinos; 17%, blacks; and 15% for whites.”

    I think these data shows that the option of watching TV program expands, but it doesn’t mean 31% people prefer to watch TV on online more than traditional TV. I suppose that people are still likely to watch favorite TV program on a traditional TV on their cozy couch.


  4. Nikke Gant

    I don't watch American Idol (I know, who doesn't watch American Idol?)... I just don't have time to, but if I did, I'd rather watch it on the old fashion big tv screen. The option to have access to watch on the computer offers convenience for the audience.

    It shows that viewership of "on-the-go" devices (mobile devices) continues to increase. I don't necessarily think that increased viewership on mobile devices means that there is no desire to watch programming on the tv, in fact, I believe there will always be a large audience who will remain loyal to tv viewership. Watching on tv is important for family bonding and basic relaxation - something we all need.

  5. Seems like this article is touching upon financial demographics.
    Having a computer is a somewhat of a necessity while owning a television and subscribing to cable/On Demand is luxury.
    Before I had a television the ability to watch On Demand I exclusively watched tv on my computer. Until I had extra cash it didn't seem worth it to invest in a television when everything could be seen online.
    And now even with a television and cable I find it preferable to watch shows on my television via the computer.

  6. I don’t watch television on my computer and I would not like to, but if I had the money to buy either a television or a computer I would buy a computer and sometimes, like I do now, I would watch television on my computer. On the other hand with the computer or smart phone you can watch television anywhere and you have more options and flexibility.
    But I think that the reason why people watch television on the computer is mostly money, in fact those who can pay also for a big screen television and for the cable do it, and vice versa on television they would watch also internet, pictures, videos, that is, they would watch the computer on their television!

  7. I also prefer to watch shows or movies on tv, but there are times when watching on the computer is much more convenient. For example, when I am visiting my family back home, my parents usually want to watch something different from me on their television, so I watch whatever I want on my computer without disturbing anyone, and everyone's happy. Another instance when the computer is convenient is if I miss an episode of a show - it's much easier to just go to Hulu, for example, and find the episode than wait for it to come back on the tv. Although of course this problem is eliminated with DVR, but if you forget to record something, watching on the computer is the next best option.

    Julia G.

  8. When I watch a show on my computer it's usually because watching what I want on tv is impractical or impossible. Recently, for instance, I've watched some college basketball games online because I don't have access to the right channel on my tv or I'm in a place where I can't watch tv at all. The internet provides more choice than VOD for the resourceful user. Whereas with VOD the customer is restricted to viewing whatever shows their cable/satellite company has bargained for, on the internet the only restrictions are legal and regularly flaunted. So generally, when if one wants to watch an old episode of, say, Seinfeld, it's much easier to download it online (it is also free).

  9. I don't generally watch much TV on the internet, but I can see why it's attractive. Sometimes people have access to a computer, but not a TV, or they don't have access to the channel they need to watch the program they want. And if one wants to watch a particular episode of Seinfeld, they better hope that episode will just happen to air as a rerun or their cable/satellite provider has made some (unlikely) deal or that they own the DVD. The only restrictions on the internet as to what you can watch are legal and regularly flaunted.

  10. Interesting statistics - although the demographics don't really surprise me since the mobile platforms are more popular in latin and asian communities. I do watch TV on my computer, and often, but it's often just because of my busy schedule. I'd prefer to watch it on my TV because of the bigger screen.

    Anna P