Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are Roger Federer fans a good target for Swiss chocolate?


Swiss chocolatier Lindt thinks so. They have decided to become host sponsor of this year’s Sony Ericsson Open in Miami. The sponsorship includes signage, product demos at the Lindt Lindor Dream Center, and sampling throughout the grounds, and even at tournament partner hotels. There’s also a text promotion offering seat upgrades, commercials and trivia on jumbo screens, an online sweepstakes and a Twitter contest. In short it’s a truly integrated promotion targeted to the approximately 300,000 attendees. (Greenberg, 2011)

Is this a good idea? Do you think it will be successful? Will it have a ripple effect?

Greenberg, K. (2011, March 21). Lindt Serves Up Chocolate At Sony Ericsson Open. Retrieved March 22, 2011, from


  1. In my opinion, while this campaign will definitely find some fans at the tournament, this isn't the US Open or Wimbledon - meaning, most people who come to watch these matches are true tennis enthusiasts who care about the game. I know because I played competitively for 9 years, and people at this scale of events aren't necessarily too keen on eating chocolate. I'm not saying that Lindt shouldn't be doing anything promotional at all, but perhaps they should have toned it down a bit...this might not be the best instance for spending so much on such a large amount of advertising.

  2. I think this is a good campaign targeted to an audience of 300.000 with a 360 degree marketing approach. Roger Federer is an iconic Swiss tennis player and Lindt should use him not only during the Greenburgh tournament,but after (pic of federer eating chocolate in print, online etc.)


  3. I think it's not a good campaign for the target who go to that place. Always the sponsors are related to sports like gatorade or nike. the people who go to that event are because they are fans of tennis. Just to think in chocolate down that weather is terrible.

  4. I think it is good campaign to get new enthusiasts for Lindt.
    Maybe they can not get a big reach. But they can get a lot of frequency about those attendances.

    One reason is that period. Sony Ericsson Open is in March 23 - April 3. 11days is enough for making a memory of Lindt.Second reason is this integrated promotion.Message will be reached over and over.

    If Lindt want to have some enthusiasts for their chocolate, it will be good campaign.

  5. I think it is a good campaign. As a German I know that Lindt spend a lot of money in high quality advertisement on TV in whole Europe. Normally a Lindt advertisement tries to get an image to be an enjoyable chocolate. I remember those ads with the little blomd girl being excited about eating chocolate easter eggs, well that was far back in the days. Lindt is not cheap. It stands for quality and tradition. Therefore I think Lindt reached exactly the target group. People they are interested in tennis, they normally have money, as taking tennis training is expensive. This is where Lindt wants to sell their chocolate. And with Roger Federer, one of the biggest names in tennis, they have a pretty strong symbol.

  6. I don't know enough about who goes to these types of tennis events and who buys chocolate to answer definitively, but the connection between target and audience isn't obvious here.